3 Year Old Rowdy’s Experience with CBD

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Rowdy on the floor smiling.

Jessica’s son Rowdy was born with several genetic medical conditions that affect his ability to move, developmental delays and seizures. After trying epilepsy medications and other pharmaceuticals, the family decided to try a Full Spectrum CBD oil.

The results they experienced were swift and amazing. He was moving around more, playing with his sister, and just seems to be happier all around.

We are so thankful for Jessica joining Ryan Sanford from our team to share his story.

CBD oil can be beneficial for all ages and a variety of health concerns. We hope you’ll enjoy this story.

Listen to their story below.


Robinson family photo
Rowdy in his wheel chair
Rowdy and Paisley on a blanket outside

Full Transcript

[RYAN SANFORD] Hello, everyone. We are joined here today by Jessica Robinson and she is going to be gracious enough to share her son Rowdy’s story with us. He deals with a very rare genetic gene mutation kind of disorder that she’ll tell us all about. And we’ll kind of see the oil that he’s been taking from us how it’s helped him and what kind of oil that is.

 So Jessica, if you want to introduce yourself, tell us a little bit maybe about you and your family. Some fun things you guys do and give us an idea of, of Rowdy and anything else you’d like?

 [JESSICA ROBINSON] Alright, yeah, um, we are a family of four. We have two kids. Paisley’s our daughter, she’s four years old and Rowdy will be turning three in August. My husband works on a cattle ranch and I stay home with Rowdy. He has multiple appointments every week. We usually go to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital or Shriners

 And, he was recently diagnosed with neuro degeneration which he’s losing both white and gray matter of the brain because the neurons are basically dying. He is nonverbal. So he’s not your typical, almost three year old, he has leg spasticity. So he’s not able to walk. He can crawl but he has very low tone.

 And he actually has a syndrome. It’s ODDD syndrome, it. It’s a very rare, very rare syndrome that’s genetic, and he has the more rare side of things that aren’t usually seen with the syndrome in like the neurological issues. There’s only like 30% of patients that have neurological issues with it and Rowdy spend the most severe documented case so far.

 [RYAN SANFORD] Wow, yeah, that is a lot to take in. I, you know, from what I’ve understood, and you’ll have to pronounce it, he’s diagnosed with, how do you say it it’s occu?

 [JESSICA ROBINSON] It’s Oculo-Dento-Digital Dysplasia. So it’s like, it’s the eyes, the teeth, and fingers are normally affected with the syndrome. So that’s where it gets its name from.

 [RYAN SANFORD] Gotcha, gotcha. So, um, I know you guys turned to CBD, but maybe tell us a bit of what, you know, I guess what was he doing before? How has how has CBD helped? What led you guys to taking CBD?

[JESSICA ROBINSON] Well my son was actually scribed a couple of epilepsy medications. We kind of went down the list of them and his behavior was really difficult. He was like pulling his hair out and pinching his stomach and it just made him very aggravated. And the seizures actually were under control until he had started a really strong medication and he’s on a high dose of phenobarbital.

We decided to go with CBD oil because I know that it’s really good with epilepsy, I had heard it helps with epilepsy. And I started researching it actually a little bit more and basically what Rowdy has is a lot like Alzheimer’s, and there’s actually a protein in the brain that affects and connects with 43 and it affects that same protein that they had did a study on with CBD oil actually specifically with THC, that helps slow down the brain atrophy in the progression of what happens with Alzheimer’s and that protein being affected.

 [RYAN SANFORD] Interesting. Yeah.

 So before he got on that, what were noticeable differences that you started to notice. I know when we spoke earlier you mentioned that people around you started to tell you about the differences they were noticing in your son.

 [JESSICA ROBINSON] Yeah, it was actually right away. And we had picked up that oil and like the next day my son had tried to stand up next to the coffee table and it was the first time he ever tried to take a step to the side while holding on to the coffee table.

 Yeah, he was. He’s also been like extremely more like, more cognitive. So like, the medications. The epilepsy medications he was on before made him like really just drowsy and not really, like kind of in a zombie mode. And CBD has really helped with balancing that like he is much more like a little boy now like wanting to play and crawling around everywhere and he’s no longer like pulling his hair out or pinching himself or.

Yeah, it’s helped with so much so many things. And his therapist, I didn’t even mention that we had started the CBD oil they instantly were like oh my gosh, after the appointments, they just were going on and on about how great he was doing and like write down the notes like and I waited until like the next the following appointment the next week and I told them that it was because the CBD oil and they’re like so happy. They’re just like you need to keep keep giving it to Rowdy because he’s doing so good.

 [RYAN SANFORD] Yeah, that’s great. That’s that’s one of the things that I’ve you know, I say I but we here at Freedom have been excited to talk to you guys about you and your son. Because, you know, I want people to hear out there that, you know, this stuff has benefits for all ages and just knowing that, I’m sure right? I’m a parent myself, my daughter’s two and a half. So I can only imagine let alone you guys have three other children but some of the pains and struggles that that must cause for you, all of you and your family one way or the other, so to see any kind of benefit or relief. You know, whatever it is that is helping with that is awesome. And it just so happens that it’s CBD oil, so yeah, exciting. Very exciting.

[JESSICA ROBINSON] Yes, it’s been a life changer.

 [RYAN SANFORD] I’m sure so let’s, uh, ask this what kind of oil? You guys get full spectrum, correct?


 [RYAN SANFORD] And have you ever tried anything other than that, like a broad spectrum

[JESSICA ROBINSON] You know, have in the past.

 I’m not very familiar with like the CBD like the the types and stuff but we have gone to like a dispensary and we did try what they had recommended and, and I I’m not sure if it was like the correct dose or not but yeah, it just didn’t seem to be as much of a difference that we noticed right away with the CBD oil he’s on now.

But, this one seems to really be helping him.

 [RYAN SANFORD] Oh, that’s great. I mean that’s obviously you know what we want to hear. We don’t take any shortcuts and what we do here in our lab and the quality that we put out there because we know if it’s done the right way it will help people such as your son. So.

 Now you were talking about dosing earlier? What uh, what did you guys start him off on and where are you at now and why have you changed?

[JESSICA ROBINSON] Actually, we did just kind of cut back a tiny bit because he seems to stay awake at night. That’s the only thing that he just feels so much better that his sleeping, helike refuses to sleep.

So I believe it’s 2.5 like three times a day. So it’s a low dose. But if I’m even correct on that.

 [RYAN SANFORD] Well, you guys me? Yeah, it sounds like you are I mean, if you’re going to 2.5 you’re talking about the reading on the dropper correct?


 [RYAN SANFORD] So, yeah, that’s great. I mean, that’s, that’s wonderful to hear to know that, you know, even smaller doses is helping him and I know, he’s a little guy. So that’s great. It’s wonderful.

 I did want to ask, if you don’t mind me asking, you know, there was a pretty cool article that your friend Jodi Tate, who kind of introduced us shared with us, and I just thought it’d be kind of interesting if you guys spoke on that a little bit.

 What was it the, Hollywood actress for the movie Frozen?

 [JESSICA ROBINSON] Oh yes, Rowdy is obsessed with the movie Frozen. And we actually had um I met this mom in a Facebook group and she added me on Facebook and we just you know, we we kept in touch and she was really interested in rowdy and like his whole story. Well, her husband actually has a podcast that he does about like movies and just entertainment and stuff. And he reached out trying to get a hold of Kristen Bell to let her know how much like Rowdy really loves Ana from Frozen. And so she sent him a message back with the video recording

And it was right before we were going to Disneyland so she just had et us know she’d see us in Disneyland and the kids are pretty excited about it

[RYAN SANFORD] That’s pretty cool. That’s it’s pretty sweet when people do different things like that out there very cool for Rowdy.

 Well that’s great. So out of you know, let’s see how long is Rowdy been taking the oil now?

[JESSICA ROBINSON] I want to say about five or six months.

[RYAN SANFORD] Right. And you’re still noticing the consistent benefits of it.

[JESSICA ROBINSON] Yeah. We don’t want to go without Yeah.

[RYAN SANFORD] Well, that’s really really wonderful news Jessica. Before you know we wrap things up because that kind of is his story. I I do want to know just on more of a connection, you know, Mom and and son what is what is maybe the number one thing that prior to maybe getting a better life from CBD that you notice a difference between the bond that you and Rowdy have, what’s the number one thing that you notice different from before he was on the oil to now? So basically as his life has gotten better, I know it has bettered your life and I’m sure the rest of your family, your husband and other children, what’s the number one thing that you appreciate?

[JESSICA ROBINSON] Um a lot of it of course the quality of his life now, I think the big thing for me was my daughter Paisley’s three. So I mean, sorry, she’s four. She turned four in January. And they they haven’t always been like really close because, you know, he’s always been like the baby who’s always needed the full attention. And I would say now that you know, he’s able to throw a ball and move around the house and stuff. She’s grown more of an interest and you know, doing things with him. And I mean, the most important thing to me so far besides his quality of life for me.

 [RYAN SANFORD] Yeah. Well, that’s great. So sharing with his sister and having a better relationship there. That’s wonderful.

 So, well, Jessica, I want to thank you for coming on and sharing that with us. And something else I also want to let you guys know is if you ever you know find yourself in a difficult situation, reach out to us and we will always be sure to help you guys and keep us updated on Rowdy. We’d love to know how he does moving forward, regardless of CBD oil or not just having that connection.

And I know you got Jodie Tate out there who’s a big supporter of you guys. So that’s pretty cool. We know her and she’s awesome.

 [JESSICA ROBINSON] Yeah, thank you guys so much because you’re all awesome.

 [RYAN SANFORD] Well, we appreciate you hearing that. And thank you for your time. And like I said, if you ever need anything, just reach out and we will get this up and out there and we’ll be excited to let rowdy hear it, but I can’t thank you enough for sharing your story and I know that it’s gonna affect and reach others out there who are probably in maybe not your guy’s same shoes being that Rowdy’s syndrome is pretty rare. But it will open the eyes of those who haven’t been introduced to CBD. And just to know that it can better people’s lives, such as it has Rowdy’s and your families. So that’s great. We’re happy to do what we do and we’d love to hear testimonials from people such as yourselves and your family. So thanks again.

All right, well, you take care and we will be waiting for an update later on down the road, right. 

[JESSICA ROBINSON] Yes. Of course! Thank you.

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