About Freedom CBD

Freedom CBD Difference

What makes us different? Starting from the seed to the soil, all the way through extraction, we produce nothing less than the highest quality CBD oil.  Through Freedom Hemp Co, we get superior feminized CBD genetics, produced in their greenhouses, cultivated on their farmland, then processed here at Freedom CBD, in central Oregon through our Oregon Department of Agriculture certified food-grade processing establishment. We use state-of-the-art large scale extraction equipment and maintain our “Industrial Hemp Handler” registration.  We meet all laws and regulations pertaining to hemp to provide security to our company as well as our customers.  We constantly monitor industry trends to develop best practice protocols and products to bring the benefits of hemp and CBD to society as a whole.

Home grown in the United States, right here in central Oregon, we take pride in being industry leaders and innovative thinkers, the first of our kind. Through a very effective and continuously advanced genetics program, we hand select phenotypes, create clones and seeds, all of which are genetically produced in our 10,000 sf greenhouse space. This allows for us to know and control the quality of our hemp strains so we can cultivate and provide only the best, while ensuring our crops have optimal yields, supreme quality and are processed in our lab to produce market leading CBD oils to the masses.

Our Lab

Our hemp biomass is cryogenically extracted using food-grade certified ethanol to create a complete cannabinoid and terpene full profile/spectrum CBD product.

We use ethanol as our method of extraction and do so for some very vital reasons. By using ethanol we can produce a very clean, pure food-grade material.  Next we remediate and remove all ethanol used to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes, leaving behind no residual compounds in our end product, continuing to ensure only the best of the best!

Our team

Brian Smalley

Chief Operating Officer

Brian Smalley, entered the cannabis/hemp industry in the mid 1990’s. He studied botany and spent years traveling the world, expanding his knowledge in breeding & genetics before settling down in the greater Portland area. For nearly a decade he split his career between the corporate world & the cannabis industry. In 2006, Brian followed his calling, leaving corporate America and solely returned to the industry for good. With the growing acceptance & demand of cannabis hemp products worldwide, Brian found his niche redirecting his primary focus to hemp.

He has created several companies within the hemp industry, including the Green Oil Machine which is a home based oil extraction product that he sells world-wide. He retains deep roots within the industry and has developed a network of sales avenues and contacts. He also provided an extensive catalog of hemp genetics that are the building blocks for our genetic programs.

He’s become a pioneer in hemp processing, developing extraction methods, teaching those who aspire to be like him & ultimately improving the lives of many. His reach and abilities are endless; and the farming & processing friendships he’s made over the years are the foundation of our company.

Brian Peavey

Managing Director

Brian Peavey’s 25 year professional background is mainly in real estate development in Idaho and he has successfully managed several start-up companies in various industries. He holds a B.S. in Business Economics and an M.B.A. in Project Management. He is the Managing Director for Freedom CBD and primarily tasked with forecasting, project management, contract negotiations, strategic planning, investor relations, cash flow analysis, sequencing and visioning. Brian and his wife Elisa live in Bend, Oregon and he enjoys rafting, skiing, hiking, playing basketball and watching his three little girls grow up to be strong, independent women.

“The vision I had when I helped start this company was to provide a family centric environment where we could all enjoy what we love to do, while at the same time providing high-quality products to the benefit of others. We all take great pride in being the best we can and helping others to do the same.”

Ryan Atagi

Lab MAnager

Ryan hails from Ontario, Oregon where he grew up on his family farm. Prior to becoming the Lab Manager for Freedom CBD, he worked for Swire Coca-Cola in Fruitland, Idaho as their Lab Manager and Microbiologist for 13 years. He then took a job offer at Payette Brewing Company in Boise, Idaho as their Operations Manager and Quality Control Manager for 4 years.

Some hobbies Ryan enjoys includes snowboarding, kendo, hiking, camping and spending time with his wife Lyndsay and his 3 boys whose names are Maddox, Kason, and Rowan.

“Leading and working side-by-side with our lab team is my favorite part of the job. We continually challenge each other to do better and become the best at what we do!”

Tyson Mairs

Lab Lead

Tyson brings several years of farming experience working on his family’s farm in Ontario, Oregon. Prior to working for Freedom CBD, he worked in the production of his family’s worm casting business. Stepping into the hemp industry, Tyson became intrigued by the extraction process and discovered a passion learning about the process of making oil in the lab. After taking the time to be trained and understand all that goes into processing oil, he moved on to become a full-time employee at Freedom CBD where he proudly produces the highest quality CBD oils.

Tyson enjoys snowboarding, hiking, hot springs and looks forward to traveling abroad as soon as possible.

“I enjoy working with my co-workers, coming up with creative ideas and solutions to the many obstacles faced in the production of the company, and most of all I love working with the processing equipment.”

Ryan Sanford

Marketing/Social Media 

Prior to working for Freedom CBD, Ryan Sanford worked in Ontario, Oregon on the Mairs’ family farm helping with the production and marketing of their worm castings business. He has joined the team here at Freedom CBD to help market the brand and be a source of contact through the social media outlets where he helps to respond to and meet customers need.

Ryan loves the outdoors, music, traveling, giving back to the community, his job and meeting new people. Most importantly though is the enjoyment of his family, Darah and their daughter Dakota.

“Helping to market a brand that I am passionate about makes my job not work, but an everyday enjoyment and fulfillment for what I do. I love engaging with our customers and helping them to get exactly what they need. That is was pleases me most each day…making a difference in our customers lives”

Olivia Sutton


Olivia Sutton has spent the last 3 years of her life developing roots here in Central, OR. She first got involved with Freedom Hemp Co. through a friend who recruited her to help in the field. Ever since then, she’s been very grateful to continue to receive opportunities to further her experience here at Freedom CBD.

When she first joined the team, those opportunities mostly consisted of working with the combine to prepare the material for the lab. Now she’s very excited to be a distiller in the lab- creating a quality product for those in need.

She loves her job because of the inspiring people she’s surrounded by, the endless opportunities to challenge herself in an exciting way and because she believes she’s helping provide people with a product that will leave a positive impact on their lives.

When not at work, she prefers to spend her time outside playing in the sun. When there’s no sun out, she and her friends use their creativity to make their own light.

Olivia is passionate about making and creating, especially sculpture with found objects, fly fishing, snowboarding, dancing, and camping and feels strongly about leaving places better than she found them, including how to affect those around her. She looks forward to the lessons she has yet to learn and the memories to be made with the real people making Freedom CBD happen.