Customer Spotlight: Denise Carrus

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During the course of an average day, we hear all sorts of amazing stories from our customers about how CBD has supported them in their daily lives. A large group of them are veterans and they share countless stories of how CBD supports them not only with their physical injuries but also with mental and emotional concerns like PTSD, anxiety, etc.

We interviewed Denise C., who was willing to share her story and how CBD is a part of that.

Denise and Allen Carrus

Q: Denise, tell us a little bit about yourself.

A: I enlisted in the Navy in 1973, married a sailor, my husband of 46 years, in 1974. We both got out in 1976. He went back in in 1977. I went back in in 1985. We both got out again in 1993. He did 20 years. I did 12. The first time I was a Yeoman. The second round I was an Aviation Boatswain’s Mate Handler. Big change from typing and filing to parking and fueling aircraft!

Q: Why did you start taking CBD?

A: I’m 66 years old. I always thought I was in good to excellent health physically. I went to the gym for a 50-minute workout every other day and included a treadmill or elliptical machine in that workout. 

Then I started getting frequent headaches and felt pressure in my ear. I saw an ear specialist who said I had the start of TMJ. A month or so later, I started walking like an inebriated person. Soon after that my vision was affected so I knew something wasn’t right. I went to the emergency room and they did X-rays and scans. They said I had a mass in my brain. They admitted me that night. 

The next day I had a PET scan that showed cancer in the lungs and brain. The next day they did a biopsy of the brain mass. The preliminary result was lung cancer metastasized to the brain. They also sent samples out for genetic testing. 


Three days after going to the ER I was in extreme shock from the news. I had smoked for 40 years but had quit nine and a half years ago and felt really good. I had even done two – 10k races with an artificial knee for both.  I had no problems breathing, no shortness of breath. 

I underwent radiation therapy on my brain and lungs from 12/2019 to 2/2020. I had chemo treatments from 2/2020 to 5/2020. My hair was thinned and I had a few bald spots. 

In January someone told me about Joe Tippens story and gave me the website for his blog. The Tippens protocol (also called Fenbendazole protocol) includes Fenbendazole, curcumin, Gamma E vitamin complex, and CBD oil. I searched other websites to find more info as I got info from many well-meaning people but a lot of the info just didn’t make sense or ring true to me. So I decided to try the Tippens protocol. 

My scans are all showing the cancer is getting smaller and hasn’t metastasized anywhere else. I stopped going to the gym and working out even at home after the cancer diagnosis. I didn’t feel well enough to do much physically and wasn’t sleeping well.  Hot flashes, constipation, bloating, swelling, edema, and nausea were all side effects. 

Now that I’m only getting Keytruda IV as immunotherapy, I’m walking every day. I’ve walked every day since May except for maybe six days. I also walk because chemo drugs damaged the veins in my legs and the blood backs up and causes leg pain and swelling. I take a diuretic every day and wear compression socks. The walking also helps some to get blood in my legs circulating. 

What advice would you say to people that are nervous to try CBD?

A: Why wouldn’t you try it?!  Research online to see if there are any studies on what it can do. If you are looking for a treatment for specific illness treatment, research. Even it doesn’t help with your illness/disease, it may improve how you feel.

If you are worried about getting high, a 1 ml dose won’t do that. The only caution I would add is that some employers do drug tests and some are more sensitive than others. Discuss this with the customer service people who make the CBD oil.

Q: What is your favorite Freedom CBD product and why?

 A: I like the broad spectrum cinnamon-flavored oil. I prefer the cinnamon over the plain. I also add a few drops of edible cinnamon oil to it as I really like cinnamon. I don’t care much for the taste of the plain CBD oil. I get the 3 pack of flavored oil because It is more economical.

Denise Carrus 10k

Q: What impact has the Eagle Compassion program had on you?

A: I have started taking additional supplements as a complementary cancer treatment. Because I save money with the Eagle Compassion program, I can use the savings to buy other supplements to fight cancer. 


Big thank you to Denise for sharing her story. Be sure to check out our Eagle Compassion program to see if you qualify. The program supports teachers, frontline workers, low-income households, of course veterans and more. If you qualify you’ll receive 30% off your orders.

If you want to share your experience with Freedom CBD please reach out to us at

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