Customer Spotlight: Denise S.

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Freedom CBD customers are the best! The stories we hear from you about how CBD is positively affecting your life are the reason we do what we do. In this post, we’re sharing the stories of Denise S. and her family. 

Please note that CBD has not been evaluated by the FDA. These are Denise’s stories and your individual results may vary.


Meet Denise

Denise uses CBD for migraine headaches that never go away. She doesn’t know if they are truly migraines but that’s how the doctor treats them. Two years ago she had a neck fusion and it failed so she has a lot of pain in her head, neck and shoulders. Due to several surgeries her lymphatic system doesn’t work so she’s started getting special massages for that and also uses a vibration plate. Denise also has Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism Fibromyalgia, according to her doctors. She deals with constant nausea, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) , Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI), and Bile Acid Malabsorption (BAM).


“No I’m not perfectly healed yet but with changing my diet and changing how I’ve taken your oils I’m feeling better. When I first started with just the full spectrum CBD I had a lot of relief. Then I added a little bit of THC got more relief. When I got your CBD + CBG I got even more relief. When I added the THC to that I’ve gotten even more relief. I believe in my heart that it’s helping me to lose some weight because I wasn’t eating. I was malnourished until the oils gave me somewhat of an appetite and took away or reduced the nausea. I am not throwing up every day and IBS is better. It gives me relief from the pain of lipedema. I’ve had lots of surgeries.  Scar tissue is wrapping around other organs, stopping my lymph system.  Sleep! Oh and my ADD!!” – Denise


Meet McKenzie, Denises’s Daughter (pictured to the right)

McKenzie deals with daily anxiety that varies in severity. She’s currently taking the CBG + CBD Full Spectrum Tincture and when she ran out, she noticed a big difference. As a mom chasing after a busy kiddo, and working at a dialysis center the CBD has been a great help for her.


Meet Mckaiya Hope, Denise’s 17-year-old daughter (pictured below)

She has (Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD) and debilitating anxiety. She doesn’t have good or bad days, she has good or bad minutes. She is so thin. 4 months ago Mckaiya started on CBG + CBD Full Spectrum Tincture. Now she will ask for it.

At night she adds a drop of THC to help her sleep. They have noticed less night terrors and waking up with anxiety. The days can still be long and hard but it is more like hour by hour. That’s an improvement they notice and appreciate. Denise is also doing reiki on her.


“I think the longer she is on it, she’ll feel a little better every day. People want instant cures, but I feel victory with the small sparkles. She has been hospitalized and pumped full of drugs. She was suicidal at that point. So she doesn’t trust therapists.  She is graduating this year and feels her purpose in life is to live on a big farm, make medicinal everything, teach people about trauma and how it affects us physically and teach how to heal from the inside out.  I’m so happy she feels hope and a purpose.” – Denise


Meet Denny, Denise’s Dad

Denise’s dad had been hospitalized and he is diabetic. He had a wound on his foot that became infected and then became septic. They thought his foot would need to be removed. He had a metabolic brain imbalance, kidney failure, anorexia, was wetting himself, his speech was low and didn’t make sense. He was in a rehab facility and wasn’t getting the correct treatment there. He is 67, and has now been home a month. Denise started giving him your CBG + CBD Full Spectrum Tincture, fenben (for raging Candida), THC oil, bone broth and a few other natural supplements.


“I gave him the first dose of your oil. I said to dad, “Open your mouth,” and I put a full dropper in. He said “I thought it was going on my foot,” I went home and my mom called 20 minutes later.

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