Customer Spotlight: Nicole B.

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At Freedom CBD our goal is always to help educate and be transparent about how CBD works. There is no better way to do that than to share the experiences of some of our customers.

Today, we are sharing the experience of Nicole B. Remember that this is her own personal experience and that your results can vary.

If you want to hear more of her story, make sure to join us during the first-ever Pure Earth Workshop on November 14th. She’ll be sharing more of her story there. We’ll also have other experts to help you navigate stress and anxiety in your life.



Q: What turned you on to CBD products?

I got turned onto CBD products when I heard it works well for anxiety. I had been on anxiety medicine in the past and had to go off of it due to the side effects. Managing anxiety was doable for me, but I still wish I’d had something to take the edge off. Once I tried CBD with Freedom CBD I saw for myself what the CBD hype was all about. It even helped me to have more fun in my life with minor things like getting on rides with my daughter at amusement parks.

Q: What is your favorite CBD product and why?

 My favorite CBD products are the tinctures. This is because I know its helping me from the inside out. I personally like to use the broad spectrum during the day and full spectrum at night. The full spectrum during the day makes me a bit too sleepy but is perfect for me at bedtime.

 I use a lot of the Freedom CBD products and have never been disappointed. The products I use are Broad and Full Spectrum Tinctures, Full Spectrum Antioxidant Face Cream, Full Spectrum Hemp Roll – On Relief – Calm and the Full Spectrum CBD Muscle Rub. The first product I used before the tinctures came out was the Full Spectrum Syringes and loved them but the tinctures simplified my life so I switched.

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Q: What recommendations do you have for people just getting started with CBD or are nervous to try it?

The biggest recommendation I can give anyone starting CBD and are nervous is to start with a small amount. You can always increase if you need a higher dosing. With everyone having a different chemical and size makeup you have to adjust to what works for you. The beauty is CBD is good for you and will not harm you. I was nervous the first time because I am super sensitive to THC but now I see how beneficial the hemp plant is when used correctly.

I also want everyone to know that muscle rub is so super great for neck and back pain. It’s like Biofreeze but way better and stronger. My next purchase is going to be the lip balm. I think it will be perfect for these cold months ahead and will make my mask-wearing smell nice.

nicole belan with freedom cbd muscle rub
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