Sell Freedom CBD Products on your Website without the Heavy Up Front Costs

Why Dropshipping?

Dropshipping allows you to feature our products on your website. You make the sale and we ship the product directly to your customer. This allows you to make a sale, take advantage of wholesale pricing, without the cost of pre-purchasing product.

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What Requirements Are There?

It’s really pretty simple. You must:

  • have a current website (does not need to be eCommerce)
  • maintain an average of $1,500 in sales per month on a rolling 3-month basis.
  • adhere to our pricing and branding guidelines.

While we don’t require you to have a CBD approved merchant processor, we highly recommend it.

Fill out the form below to apply.

Any product on our website is available as part of our dropshipping program. We have new products coming out monthly and those will also be available for you to add at any time. Choose the products that you think will resonate most with your audience. Or ones that will supplement the existing products you already have on your website.

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Are there any fees associated with the program?

There is a $10 fee per customer order. This covers our packaging, labor and shipping expenses.

How does the fulfillment process work?

Once you are approved you’ll receive a coupon code that is unique to you. You’ll place customer orders on our website using that code to get our wholesale pricing. Any order placed prior to 12:00 pm PT M-F will be shipped same day. Any orders placed after that will ship the next business day. All orders are shipped via USPS. At the end of the month you’ll be invoiced for the shipping.

Do you provide access to product images?

Yes, you’ll have access to all of the product shots that we have on our website. We prefer you use our product shots on your website vs taking your own.

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