Extraction Services

CBD extraction & Biomass

Have you dedicated hard work and time into producing a successful hemp crop and are now looking where to go from there? Are you planning ahead for the upcoming season and beyond?

At Freedom CBD we offer one of two services to our customers. First option is that we will purchase your hemp harvest at market price. The second option, we provide a contracted agreement to you and process your biomass into an oil product with higher market value and share the associated revenues obtained through our sales avenues. This allows for a more optimal return for you while increasing oil production at a faster rate for those who need it. This would mean that you will receive payment later, once we process your biomass into oil and sell it. For more details on how we can provide these services, just reach out using the contact information below.

Here at Freedom CBD we want to help you! Feel free putting your trust in us due to our transparent company practices provided to all current and future customers. Transparency is vital to us as we take pride in building strong and trusting relationships with our customers. One of the ways we do this is by allowing you to watch us work in our facility while we process your hemp into oil!

Farm & Harvesting Solutions

Join the journey with us!

We can provide resources that help further your education and experience within the industry! We are currently expanding our partner farms and continuously keeping an eye out for a new generation of hemp farmers.

A good resource is Freedom Hemp Co.  They begin with a massive breeding program of feminized seed production, taking place in their 10,000 square feet of insulated, four season greenhouse space, all the way to harvesting your crop with a custom combine (specifically designed to strip the leaves and flowers from the stock of the plant). Freedom Hemp Co, can guide you from start to finish to help increase your rate of success.  If you are looking for hemp seeds and/or biomass, designing a hemp farm plan, or if you just need help with harvesting solutions…you can reach Freedom Hemp Co at www.freedomhempco.com.