How to Get Your Pet to Take CBD

CBD and Pets, Using CBD

CBD can provide a lot of support to your dogs and cats. However, sometimes the hardest part is getting them to take it. If you’re lucky, you can just drop the oil in your pet’s mouth. Before we get into ways to get your pet to take CBD, it’s important to know why you’re giving it to them in the first place.

Why give your pet CBD?

Like humans, dogs and cats have an endocannabinoid system. This means that products containing CBD, THC and other cannabinoids will engage their CB1 and CB2 receptors similarly to humans. This helps maintain balance in the body and keep everything healthy.

It’s also important to note that formal studies on CBD and your pets have not been completed and individual results may vary.

What can CBD help my pet with?

Pets deal with all sorts of health issues, just like us. From inflammation to anxiety to cancer, we know as pet owners you want them to be their happiest, healthiest selves. It makes it even more difficult because they can’t tell us what their aches and pains are. We can only assume from their change in behavior and interactions with us.

While more studies are in the works, we’ve heard countless stories from pet owners about how their dogs’ energy increased after taking CBD because of pain reduction. They weren’t as anxious and nervous during a big thunderstorm or on the 4th of July. Seizures can be reduced as well. 

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Ready to give CBD a try? Here are some tips to get them to take it.

Trick #1 – Put it in their food.

The benefit of this is that your pets can get two doses each day. Split up their dose in half so they have some in the morning and in the evening. That will keep the CBD in their system longer and give them more comfort.

Trick #2 – Drop it on their treats.

Your pet probably has it’s favorite treat that it drools over. It’s as easy as dropping the CBD on the treat and letting it soak in. Your pet won’t even know it’s there. 

Trick #3 – Try a flavored tincture

Going back to the previous trick – you know your pet’s favorite treat flavor. We offer our tinctures in a Broad Spectrum Bacon and Full Spectrum Peanut Butter (with more to come). It might be just the trick to get your pet to take it straight to make it quick and easy.



We hope these tips and tricks will make getting your pet to take CBD easier. Remember that giving it to them in the morning and in the evening can help keep the CBD in their system throughout the day and maximize the impact. And if you’re curious about the difference between our human and our pet tinctures, its really in the dosing. You can absolutely use the same tinctures you use for your pet, just make sure you check the dosing as our pet tinctures have a lower amount of CBD.

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