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We know that you’re a fan of Freedom CBD – so how would you like to get a discount on every purchase you make for a year!


Freedom CBD full spectrum tincture laying on top of hemp leaves

Here’s what you get:

  1. 10% off all future purchase you make for a year*
  2. Freedom CBD t-shirt and sticker
  3. Early access to new products – get them before anyone else.
  4. Know when our sales are coming before everyone else.

*Discount cannot be combined with other offers.

We have new Hemp-derived products, as well as lifestyle products being released all the time. Make sure you get early access plus a discount on future products.

At $79/year,
here are two different scenarios to pay off your investment

Scenario #1

Let’s say your product of choice is our Broad Spectrum Tinctures.

At $60 a bottle, you’d need to purchase 10 bottles a year to get back your $79

Scenario #2

Maybe Full Spectrum Syringes are your jam.

If you buy 5 ml syringes at $100 then you’d need to purchase 8 syringes a year to get back your $79.

And this doesn’t included all the added benefits like time with our team, advance notice of products and discounts on future events we have up our sleeves!


I would like to thank the team of Freedom CBD for making such a quality product! I haven’t slept this soundly in years! Your extract is life changing and I’m truly grateful!


Have purchased 3 times now. The best CBD I have tried. Works wonders on anxiety and just a nice peaceful feeling. Great customer service. Answers all my questions promptly.

Their website is full of great info and like that they show the tests results.


CBD needs?? Look no further. Quality products made by the greatest people. Personally, CBD helps my anxiety. Finding relief from a naturally derived product fits within my lifestyle limiting use of pharmaceuticals & synthetic meds. I’m so happy to find a local company who is taking what they do seriously to help those who haven’t found the relief they need elsewhere! Way to go Freedom CBD!!


How do I use my discount?

Your discount will automatically be applied to your purchase each time.

Is there a limit to how much I can buy?

No, there isn’t a limit. However, this isn’t meant to be a program for wholesale purchases. If you’re interested in purchasing larger amounts of product please reach out to us at for our wholesale programs.

Can I share a membership?

We hope that you’ll utilize this program for you alone. While we can’t control it, only one person per membership will be able to join our VIP hangs and we have future perks in the works that will only apply to the name on the membership.

Can I break my membership out into payments?

At this time we can only take full payments for the annual fee. 

If new benefits come out do I get those too?

YES! As this is a new program we’ll be listening to the feedback from our members and adjusting accordingly. Any new features we add will be included for all current members.

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