Isolate vs Distillate

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Shopping for CBD products is often confusing and scary. You don’t know if the product is what it says it is and all the language on every label is different. Plus, the terms probably don’t make sense. One big factor to look at is if the product is made from isolate or distillate. This is very commonly put on the package labeling or the product page on a companies website.

So what’s the difference between Isolate and Distillate anyways? Why should you care?

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What is Isolate?

Isolate is the purest form of a cannabinoid as it’s just one cannabinoid without anything else in it. You see this with CBD and CBG and other secondary cannabinoids that are coming to the market.

To make isolate, there is an additional filtering process to get the cannabinoid isolated and on its own. During this process, it removes everything else like terpenes, THC, and other organic matter. It also means that there is little to no taste.

Isolate is great for products like vape cartridges and edibles because it doesn’t add additional flavors to the product. It’s also great for people that don’t like the flavor of distillate but still want the benefits of the specific cannabinoid.

The most common isolate is CBD, however, more products are coming out like CBG.

The downside to an isolate only product is you lose the benefit of the entourage effect.

What is Distillate?

Distillate can commonly be referred to as broad spectrum or full spectrum. It is the base oil that we use in our products. Distillate hasn’t gone through the additional refinement process that isolate has. This means that there are more cannabinoids, terpenes and organic matter in distillate. It also means that it will have more of a taste compared to isolate.

The additional terpenes and cannabinoids combined create the entourage effect. They help activate multiple parts of your endocannabinoid system in your body.

Which Products Should you Choose?

It’s important to ask yourself a few questions.

  1. Do you dislike the taste of distillate products you’ve tried?
  2. What are you hoping to achieve from your CBD product?
  3. How do I feel about THC in my product?

While we offer flavors in our Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum products you still might smell or taste a more earthy flavor. 

The entourage effect, as mentioned above, is something to consider. Using more of the plant as it’s intended can see additional benefits over an isolate blend.

If you don’t want any THC in your product, an isolate can be better way to go. While our Broad Spectrum products show third-party testing at below detectable amounts, you will still see more trace amounts of THC compared to an isolate product.

In general, we recommend distillate products because of the benefits you get from the other cannabinoids, terpenes, etc. If you choose to use a CBD product based in isolate, however, you’ll still see benefits, they just might be a bit different.

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