Live Training | Making Tinctures Out of Concentrated Syringes

CBD, CBD and Kids, Terpenes

Brian Smalley lead everyone in a demo on how to make your own tinctures out of our concentrated syringes. We also had a lot of great conversation about terpenes and things you can add to your tinctures to make it perfect for you.

In this episode we discussed:

  • terpenes.
  • carrier oils.
  • new products on the horizon.
  • how to make your own tinctures.
  • our new Insider program.

Resources from this episode are linked below the video.


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Full Transcript

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern] Well welcome everybody to our live Q&A. I see a lot of new names here, which is super exciting. So thank you so much for taking time out of your day to join us. My name is Sami, I’m the Marketing Director here at Freedom CBD and Freedom Hemp Co. and also the moderator for these lovely things. 

And so I just wanted to go over a couple of ground rules real quick. This is recorded, I just want to make sure everybody knows that so that we can give the replays out to everybody who can’t make it. We do request that you stay muted during kind of the training part just so everybody that’s watching the replay and anybody else who’s watching live can hear clearly. If you have questions, please post them in the chat. You can either private message me if you don’t want to publicly or just post them in there, or click raise hand. Did that go away? I don’t see the raise hand function anymore. Well, anyway, we’ll ask for questions. Yes. And you can raise your hand and we’ll try to find you. 

And today’s a special one because we are doing a demo. So it’s gonna be a little bit different if you’ve been on them before, but I think it’ll be pretty awesome. So, before we get started, we’ve got a few members of the team here. So I want to let them all introduce themselves. So as they pop in, you’ll know who they are. So let’s start with Ryan Atagi because you just popped up at the top.

[Ryan Atagi] Hi, guys. I’m Ryan Atagi. I’m the lab manager for Freedom CBD. I get to hang out in the lab and… today.

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern] We just lost part of your audio. I think

[Ryan Atagi] Oh, well it was the best part, I’m sure.

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern] Okay, well, thanks, Ryan. Brian Peavey.

[Brian Peavey] Yeah, I’m Brian Peavey, I’m the Managing Director. I work with the attorneys and the accountants and the investors and those kinds of things. Take care of all the back office stuff that people don’t necessarily want to do, and I get stuck cloning every once in a while and building stuff.

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern] Awesome. And last but not least, especially today since he is the star of our show, Mr. Brian Smalley.

[Brian Smalley] I know most of you guys probably by name, seen you on the group for a long time. My name is Brian Smalley. I’ve been in the CBD/THC cannabis world for 25 years. Started way back in the day before I think they said it was legal. I wasn’t trying to really ask and then sort of transitioned to medical from that point and started figuring out how this plant would help people and how we could make the plant more concentrated by concentrating the cannabinoids and you know, helping people with those as well and help them for specific things which we can’t mention specifics about because I’m not a medical doctor and it has not been approved by the FDA. 

You know. We’re going to do some really cool stuff here. Today is just about showing you what to do with these because a lot of people are intimidated by it and scared by it. But the benefit of these is amazing. You can make whatever product you want from this and you bring more bang for your buck, you just have to do some of the work. So that’s kind of what we’re here today to do and talk about. And I’m gonna show you guys how I make stuff and how I’ve made stuff for 20 years. 

Ryan’s all fancy in the lab, but I’m using sort of my old school, like home kit, the home job, so instead of little fancy stuff behind him, I don’t have any of that stuff. I don’t really need it, but I don’t have any of that stuff. And so, we’re going to go over this today and show you guys what we can make and why and talk about why it’s beneficial and how you can custom make stuff for yourself.

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern] Sorry, can I ask a quick question and interrupt you?

[Brian Smalley] Yeah, two questions.

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern] Is Smalley, is his internet looking slow to you guys or is it my internet so he’s looking slow to me.

[Ryan Atagi] He looked alright a couple times. He was pausing for a couple of seconds, but I heard most of it.

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern] Okay, cool. 

[Brian Peavey] Yeah, it was about 90% for me.

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern] Okay, perfect.

[Brian Smalley] I might be able to plug in to the router because we’re satellite here. So it’s really slow. Michelle says it’s slow. Let me see if I can find a cable and actually plug in that might be better. Sami you want to fill the void for like a minute with garble?

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern] I got you. Yeah. And so while garble So while we’re here, I’m curious. Um, and I meant to have this poll set up ahead of time, and I just didn’t get it done. But I’d love to know how many of you have used syringes before or if this is kind of a new thing for you, and that’s why you’re here to learn if we just see a raise of hands if you want to talk in the chat. I know a lot of you guys don’t have your video on but I’m curious if you guys are all newbies to the syringe game. I see a couple head nods. Okay, that’s good. That’s super exciting. And I mean, the tinctures are definitely much easier because you know, they’re already pulled together and ready to go for you. But there’s lots of reasons why you might want to use a syringe instead. I don’t know Atagi if you want to chat about that a little bit while we wait for Smalley to come back.

[Brian Peavey] You need to get that one out of the cupboard. That one out of the cupboard needs to be put to good use. We’re excited that you’re here. Was it Shelly who made that comment?

[Brian Smalley] I can tell she like, I’m muted. So I’m not gonna go cuz Sami’s mean and tells me not to talk but…

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern] I’m not mean!

[Brian Smalley] Right! So I should be better now. I disconnected my son’s computer so I’m going to hear him screaming a little bit but I should be at a good speed now because I unplugged his.

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern]  Well, just so you know, Smalley, we have a few beginners that have- Arlene has made herbal tinctures but not CBD tinctures and then we’ve got a couple that have done it before, but are trying to hone in on their skills.

[Brian Smalley] All right, I mean we can start too with tinctures and infusion. 

So we call it a tincture even though we’re essentially making an infusion. The tincture is usually alcohol based with a soak and then you consume the alcohol with it. We’re actually doing an infusion. But the market understands tincture. If we say, hey, we’ve got an infusion for you, people think we’re blending Asian food with German food. And so we are doing infusions, but we’re going to call it a tincture for the masses just because that’s what people kind of understand. Everyone get that part, that good? All right. 

So normally, when you guys get a syringe, they’ll start off looking about like this. No crystallization in there. But over time, the oil ends up crystallizing, you see crystals forming. So those are actually molecules sticking together and gets thick. So a lot of what we hear from people is, how do I get this out of the syringe, because they’re like this. They’re just like everything on the planet pushing, squeezing, nothing comes out. And then when it does come out, if you finally break through the end, guess what? You end up with a lot more than what you actually wanted. 

So, a simple method. I take my lucky cup here. Pretty good. And all I do is put water in there. Boil the water, like you’re gonna make tea or something like that. Take your syringe, make sure your cap is tight. And leave it in there for five minutes. I mean, easiest thing on the planet, but we get probably, I’d say about a third of our feedback is, how do I get it out of the syringe? It’s so thick, it’s crystallized. 

And another benefit of that- when you see crystallized oil, you know it’s potent. A lot of people see it as a downside. Well, this other stuff I got, it comes right out. It’s all liquidy. Well, if you educate yourself a little bit, that’ll tell you something. It’s not potent. It’s not what you want, because you’re going to take that thing that they call a concentrate that just shoots out like liquid. And it’s already been diluted to something. As a concentrate, it will be thick. And this one has been warmed up for a while so you can actually see a bubble. Hopefully, if my Internet’s fast enough, there’s a bubble moving.

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern] Brian, is there a temperature that’s too hot when you’re warming up your syringe that will affect the quality of the material?

[Brian Smalley] I mean, ultimately, I don’t try I don’t go above 212 degrees. I’ll boil the water. I don’t put it in there when it’s boiling. So I basically will get a bubble in there. And if it’s 150 or 160 degrees, it’s fine. It just takes longer. And because you have this cap on here, you can off gas terpenes by getting too hot, but guess what? They can’t go anywhere.

So you put this in here and heat it up. You could potentially oxidize a molecule- CBD is 240 degrees, so you’re not really worried about that. THC needs 224 degrees, so you’re not really worried about that. It’s basically terpenes are the only thing that you would potentially off gas with temperature. And because the caps on, they can’t go anywhere, they’re completely stuck in there. So I don’t sweat that and you don’t want to leave it in boiling water for hours, you will oxidize your THC, can I say that, THC. THC can convert to CBN in your full spectrum. And a lot of us don’t want the full spectrum and don’t understand why we want the THC, need the THC. 

So, that being said, it’s already warmed up. It was crystallized, but I didn’t want to run downstairs and grab water and go alright, I’m back, here we go. Then tik tik for five minutes. 

So first thing, first thing is you want to decide what kind of carrier oil you want to use. And there’s many kinds of carrier oil. We use, because it’s good for most people, MCT and this isn’t, this isn’t what we use in our lab. This is what I use in my own little personal to make my own stuff for my friends and family. What we use in our lab is actually better than this. This is I found it on sale. I think Grocery Outlet. This stuff’s fantastic. I mean, or maybe it was Costco, I don’t know. $10 a bottle. Fantastic. Good quality. So good enough anyways. 

So basically MCT is the broad works almost for everyone. But then you can go down or you have this stuff I found this is culinary algae oil. So this is actually made from algae. Pretty interesting. And I’ve never actually used it before. So I’m going to get started with this one today probably. Has the highest level of mono saturated fat, and 75% less saturated with highest level of monounsaturated fat and 75% less saturated fat than olive oil. So here’s a good healthy alternative made from algae. Don’t try to make this at home. 

There’s avocado oil, there’s olive oil. It’s all depends on sort of personal preference. And if you’re trying to crop the blood brain barrier, you want to use an olive oil because it gets there a lot faster than these other carriers. But essentially, the oil is a carrier oil. And it takes your cannabinoids, and it spins them around your system much faster and more efficiently and much more effectively. Gets to receptors a lot faster and you need a lot less cannabinoid content to accomplish the same task of saturation. So carriers are really, really good back in the day we didn’t, we would just take this thing and good to go. And it definitely still works. But if you want it to work more effectively, more efficiently, always use a carrier. 

So got my beaker here, and at home, you’re not going to have a beaker. And I mean, if you do I mean this is like $7 on Amazon or something like that. I’m using a hot plate, which is also a magnetic stir plate. I don’t use the magnetic stir part at all, because on big batches when you’re doing a couple gallons at a time, a two mil beaker, something massive, then you need to stir it. It’s exciting. It’s great. This thing, I’ll put it in I’ll heat it up like this, set it back on there. So you don’t have to have a bunch of fancy stuff and if you don’t have magnetic hot plate, which is what this thing is, it’s got oil on, of course we’ll used here. You can do a double boil method at home in which you take a pan, put some hot water in there, get it to a mild boil and take a canning jar and just set a canning jar in there. And that’s what you use to heat it. 

So next thing you need to do is you go, how much tincture or infusion am I going to make? And what do I want my potency to be? So these are nice and graduated. So they’ll tell you what’s on there. That’s one benefit of this. But if you’re eyeballing it at home, most people are canning jars work just fine. It’s not the end of the world and you can also take measurements into a canning jar. You can use, you know, half a cup, a quarter cup, a third of a cup, you know anything like that, so you know what’s in it. I’m gonna do 1500 milligrams of CBD per ounce in these and so. No rhyme or reason, it’s just what I want. So I’ll be right around there. So, I’m gonna add it to this and I set mine to 170 degrees, you can go a little hotter you go up to 200 ish. 170 is sort of my happy place where I just like to be. And then again, I mean, there’s no rhyme or reason other than the fact that terpenoids, flavonoids, terpenes, the minor stuff isn’t nearly going to be affected at 170 degrees or less. So I’ll make a little bigger, long pour.

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern] I’m going to pause you there for a second Brian. So those of you that are new to this and feverishly trying to take notes, this is recorded, we will send out the replay we do have other resources that will be coming online. We do have some formulas online. So just listen, watch, soak it in, don’t feel the need to like try to absorb everything that Brian’s saying right away because we got you covered and we’ll definitely have more stuff coming out to you guys so you can take what you watched here into your real life. Sorry.

[Brian Smalley] And we could do a q&a after this part too, though, honestly, like, I’ll make some and then do a q&a at the end. And then if you guys have questions in between then and now, same sort of thing, we can do a refresh with this. 

And, I mean, I mean, I make oil all the time. So to do it on here is it’s no different really, other than, yeah, it’s no different other than people watching. I’m used to hiding in the basement making this stuff. So this is actually kind of nice. 

So alright, so it’s not heated up yet at all. And some people will put a thermostat in here and they get all technical. Like Ryan in the lab, he’s all like, Oh, it’s got to be this warm and this time and this everything very awesome. I love that. And that’s what I love about Ryan is I’m not that guy. I’ll get her done, but that’s not me. So I’m gonna do five milliliters into here, and it’s not warm yet. So it’s not really a do. You see, you’ll see it actually mixing in. Is that working, can you see it?

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern] Yeah, we can see it! 

[Brian Smalley] You know, we’re gonna make a thick one. We’re gonna go all the way to 10 this is gonna be potent.

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern]  And how much oil did you end up putting in there?

[Brian Smalley] I put in 200 milliliters.

So if we do some math, so now it’s all sitting in the bottom because it’s not at temperature yet but you can see some parts starting to mix kinda. So I’m gonna put it back on here and we’ll just keep talking through the process. Um, you can flavor it with just about anything you want to flavor it with. If it has an oil base, it’s easy to homogenize it and keep it in solution. Some oils are for consumption, some are not. Check your labels, vanilla works fairly well. Even though most of it is alcohol based. I find that some of the vanillas mix perfectly like what Ryan has. And then I just pull some vanilla extract out of my cupboard and put it in there. And it floats around in these little balls, which is a little weird and doesn’t look that great. However, it gives me these explosions of vanilla flavor, which Ryan’s doesn’t have, by the way.

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern] Okay, Brian, could you do like a vanilla bean? Could you stick a vanilla bean in there while it’s warming up?

[Brian Smalley] I mean, oh, yeah. 100%. I mean, that’d probably be fairly delicious. I just don’t like chunks. That’s how you can tell really good professional oil, and non good professional oil, and I only know that because I’ve made non good professional oil with chunks. And people still loved it. The effects are fantastic. But I like looking through there and like, you can see me instead of chunks. So starting to warm up. So instead of the whole fancy magnetic stirrer thing, same sort of thing, if you’re doing it on a double boiler, I mean, all I’m doing is just circling it around. And this thing is almost suspended right now it’s almost in solution. There’s still a little tiny bit in there. But it’s been in 170 degrees for maybe three or four minutes right now. So not not super rockets, the blending formula for specific potencies. That part is rocket science, that part is, but putting it together, take A put it with B, end up with C. That part is not super complicated. So then it’s just basically a mathematical equation. So if we go- this syringe has oil in it at 80%, it was 80% CBD in the syringe. I’m not sure what it was. I just got it from Ryan today, but I know it’s good. So it’s at least 80% on the CBD side. So that would be 800 milligrams per milliliter. And one ml is equal to basically a gram. So I put 10 in there, there’s 8,000 milligrams of CBD in this, it’s now it’s 210 milliliters because I had 200 of my base, which is my coconut oil, plus 10 of my concentrate. So from there to figure out how many milligrams of CBD are in each milliliter, we should do like a question answer session. Like, who knows if this if…. Yeah, story problem. Yes, I wrote a story problem. This will be awesome when we get some user participation here. So if this has 8000 milligrams of CBD, and I put it in here, with 200 milliliters of carrier, so now it has a total of 210 milliliters in here. How many milligrams are in each milliliter? Anyone? I can take my whiteboard out. I want to see if anyone’s on top of this. Atagi is doing math right now. I like that I see his head down. He’s like yeah, buddy. 

[Ryan Atagi] I think I got it, can I say it?

[Brian Smalley] Is there anybody else other than Ryan?

Oh, Michelle about 40 up. Yeah, you’re out there. Good job.

All right, Ryan. What is it?

[Ryan Atagi] It’s around 40, it’s like 38.9 or something. Yeah.

[Brian Smalley] Wow. See? That’s perfect. See, look at that educational, very educational. Um, and flavor wise. I mean, there’s so many flavors out there. From spearmint to cinnamon to vanilla to peppermint. We’re coming out with a couple of exciting ones. Did we already talk about those? this season. Am I like blowing it up or Ryan’s talking about seasonal. Ryan.

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern] We weren’t actually gonna talk about that today but.. 

[Brian Smalley] Too late. It’s summertime and it’s hot and it’s sunny out and like people are jumping in the pools and laying out and having fun and in the sun. So Ryan came up with a super killer. They’re gonna, we’re gonna do a pina colada flavored tincture. So it’s a seasonal and if it catches on, it catches on. Ryan has the brewery background so we’re going to do a bunch of really cool like just off the wall seasonal stuff. And a lot of it’s going to be great. And some of it’s going to be the opposite of great. But we’re going to try them all and see what happens. We’re not going to release it if we don’t like it. I think pina colada though sounds good.

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern] Michelle says she cheated because her honey is a paramedic.

[Brian Smalley] Oh, oh, yeah. So he’s actually doing injection. So he’s administering medication and IV and everything. yeah, good for her.

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern]  Arlene is asking if we can add EO to the infusion.

[Ryan Atagi] Essential Oil.

[Brian Smalley] Oh, gotcha. Yeah, I’m not the oil guy. I thought it was really Old MacDonald had a farm thing. Yeah. I got a little confused. Yeah, but some essential oils are for topical use only and some are for consumption. So you want to check your labeling and check where it’s from and what’s in it and everything like that. Because everything we’re producing is nice organic, healthy. And so if you take something and add it at the end of it, which sucks, you end up with nice organic sucks. And so yeah, always check the label. Right Atagi, always check the label? Especially if you’re pregnant, hungry or another one. Right? Sami’s looking confused. She’s like, what. Certain essential oils can make you  induce- peppermint. And other ones can make you very hungry. O no that’s THC. Nevermind. Oh, sorry. I got that one wrong.

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern] Peavey. Are you gonna say something otherwise, your car is very loud.

[Brian Smalley] He’s just smiling. Questions? Yeah, there’s no dummy questions.

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern]  Well, Michelle hasn’t asked the question yet. But um, I ask dumb questions all the time, so don’t even don’t even worry about it. While she’s typing, though, so once you’ve got this done, then if you don’t want to add flavor, you’re basically done right?

[Brian Smalley] Yeah, basically, at that point in time, I see your question up there about adding other things, herbs and everything like that. You can you can add herbs. When you add plant material to an infusion that’s oil based, your shelf life decreases fairly quickly. Unless you have really good filtration, like some people will do an infusion or they’ll take an oil even with cannabis or hemp. And they’ll take their olive oil and they will soak it in there because they would like to keep acid forms intact. So there’s no heat in the process or heat transfer. And you just have to make sure that you feel Throughout the plant material that’s in there very, very well because plant material has a way shorter shelf life than the concentrate that we have. And so you can end up with mold and just off flavors and I mean Atagi can talk about that, just there’s bacteria and…

[Ryan Atagi] Yeah, you don’t wanna add any organics. I mean, if you do organics, you’re gonna have to make a tincture with it first, which is basically soaking in ethanol, you can look up how to do that and that would be a fun way to add to your tinctures if you wanted to. But adding fresh organics to it, it would just break the material down, oxidize everything and lead to micro infections and things like that. You don’t want to have that.

[Brian Smalley] And you can get concentrates of most of those herbs if you’re looking for an oil form anyways, with the internet these days, I mean you look up oregano oil or this oil or all those things. There’s someone’s already done that works if you get a good organic producer that’s already done it for you. Then you have you know something this size which is enough to make you know 100 bottles of your favorite tincture with your flavor in it. It’s nice to do stuff from your own organic garden, like that. But I mean well I’ll take everclear and soak, you know, something from my garden in there and then I’ll use my Green Oil Machine and all the recycle recapture all the ethanol and turn that into an oil product and you can use it with hemp and THC products or cannabis at the same time. So if you want oregano flavored or any, you know any, any sort of garden herb flavor, and you’re doing your own extraction, you can basically add it to your cannabis at the same time. And you’ll end up with the terpenes and whatever herbal herbal oils were in there as well. spearmint, and anything like that.

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern] Okay, so before we get too, we’ve got a couple terpene questions coming in. Michelle’s gonna ask her question, so I’m gonna let her unmute here. Go ahead, Michelle.

[Michelle] Hi, Sami. Hi, everybody. Okay, this takes a lot of guts for me to do this because I look like crap. But Hi, Brian wink wink. Everybody else does so I had to join in. But anyway, we do love and appreciate you My question is this- even though Gary really knew the answer to that because he’s smart like that. I don’t have a great conception. I’m not really good with the milligrams and the milliliters and the conversions and all of that I need it dummied down like I said earlier. I just started to use syringes, I have chronic diseases, I have a lot of illnesses, and I need to move away from pharma. So this is why I’m going y’alls route. The syringes that I get what I was taught was to warm up the syringe, just like you did. I love the way you did it because I actually use a smiley cup like that too. I get a little saucepan of water boiling is what I was taught. Once the saucepan of water is boiling and I’ve soaked my syringe and gotten the stuff thinner, I then take like my dropper bottle and I was told to put one syringe full and then about eight syringes, eight to 10 syringes of my carrier oil. I’m using an olive oil that was recommended to me by a very good friend of both of ours. And so and then I put that into the dropper and then I set the whole bottle into the simmering water. And I just kind of non scientifically, let it simmer for a period of time. And then that’s it. Am I doing this wrong? Or is that? Is there a better way?

[Brian Smalley] No, no, there’s a million different ways. What color are your dropper bottles because the one thing I don’t like is even like here, like here’s a red one. There’s Brown. There’s black ones. You can’t see. So

[Michelle] It’s a very dark blue dropper bottle you can’t see that I had gotten from a doctor months months ago with like, their fake CBD oil in it. And I’ve been using it to make the tinctures for myself with syringes that I get from our friends. Am I doing it right? 

[Brian Smalley]  I mean, I think I think you’re fine as long as you’re 10 minutes or so. You know, I mean, like I said, This took three minutes. The surface area is completely hot, but you’re probably fine. And you’re going to notice it if you get it done. You pull it up in your dropper and you see oil floating around in there. Guess what? You didn’t get it hot enough yet or you didn’t stir.

Yeah, and you don’t have to do it that way. That’s the cool thing. Like with this, I gotta go from here to here. And for a lot of people that is hard, there’s people with tremors and we’re working with them. There’s all sorts of things that could go wrong from here to here. 

[Michelle] And that’s what happened with my last batch. You probably didn’t hear about that. But I did. I did end up losing most of the batch, it poured into the water. So Alright, thanks, guys. I’m taking up way too much time. So thank you, though. I was following those instructions because I don’t have the beaker warmer set up yet. So thanks for that.

[Brian Smalley] And always speak up. Don’t be shy.

[Michelle] I’m working on it. Thanks.

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern]  So Laurel has a question about adding extra terpenes. And then Chris has her hand raised. So I didn’t know if you had an additional specific question about terpenes. And we can maybe kind of roll both of those in together. So, Chris, if you want to unmute yourself and ask your terpene question and then Smalley don’t forget about just adding extra terpenes in general.

[Chris] Hi, did I get unmuted here? 

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern] Yes, you’re good. We can hear you.

[Chris] Okay. I can’t see anybody but alright, I’m just gonna talk. So I have a number of terpenes. And I wanted to know, as far as adding them, when’s the opportune time to add them? And then are there any considerations in terms of consistency with adding extra terpenes? Like, we don’t want to add too many. And then the additional question regarding that was, um, I’ve been dealing with With an inconsistent source of other oil, and my CBD receptors, most all of them, I’m sure are pretty flooded right now. And I would like to know if I make a tincture because I’ve been using basically straight oil, orally and vaporizing. But if I make the tincture, how can I scale back up and get to my sweet spot again? That was my question.

[Brian Smalley] I’ll start at the end first. Getting your sweet spot is you’re going to need to do like a receptor cleanse, where you stay off cannabinoids for three or four days completely. Your receptors will reset almost to like brand new where you took it the first time you’re like, whoa, I’m getting great effects. And after a while,

[Chris] So we’re talking only three or four days, not two weeks like I’ve heard?

[Brian Smalley] No, it is not two weeks. No, it does not take that long, people say that. Okay, just to make sure that you know, most of the people that need it the most actually need the cannabinoids the most as well. So waiting two weeks is life altering for some people. That’s not right, you know what I’m talking about? It makes a huge difference. So yeah, three to four days, and then go back at it. But when you go back at it, go back at a smaller dose, don’t come back in at you know your 150 milligrams at a time that your peak is because that’s going to get you right back to that same sort of saturation as before. So titrate it go back to the beginning and then titrate

[Chris] Thank you.

[Brian Smalley] Oh, yeah, no problem and terpenes. Different terpenes effects people differently. I like to add terpenes because it stops crystallization which is one thing. So if you want to make a vape cartridge, you can get these [syringes], add terpenes to it and put it right into a cartridge or put it right into a vape pen or you know and it won’t crystallize because CBD loves good CBD loves crystal loss.

[Chris] So that is an amazing answer to prayer. Thank you.

[Brian Smalley] Oh, no problem and you’d want to use terpenes versus coconut oil or any of these other things for vaping we’re not designed to vaporize a coconut, and then consume it into our body. Yet cannabinoids, terpenes flavonoids, those things we are. I mean, there’s a reason we have an endocannabinoid system like we’re with this plant. This plant is us, we’re this plant. So yeah, definitely terpenes and we’ll have terpenes soon, we were generating a lot of terpenes in some of our processes. That’s why we’re doing some extra terpenes and some stuff. I love terpenes but I’m an IPA guy, as far as like beer, so there’s like light beers. There’s IPA, and then you’re drinking a light beer like, Oh, it’s bubbly and cold. And then there’s an IPA. You take a drink you’re like, you’re like you don’t know quite sure if you like it at first, but then you keep going. Oh, yeah, that’s the one and that’s why we’re starting to do some extra terpenes in there because I want it to be like, intense and terpenes are fantastic. I mean, they help the synergetic effect the entourage effect of all cannabinoids. Without terpenes. You have isolates and isolates are junk.

[Chris] As far as a ratio goes is my bottom line question like how many how much did you add to? So we don’t get the crystallization so you could make it vaporous? 

[Brian Smalley] Depends on the potency of the CBD to begin with. I mean, if you’re at 80%… Ryan and math on this, Ryan like this, because Ryan’s the one that’s messing around all the terpenes down there. I’m gonna grab….

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern] No, look through the questions and we’re gonna get some of these other questions, but while he’s run away, and as we’re on the topic of extra terpenes, we teased that we had a couple big announcements today. 

[Brian Smalley] You let the cat out of the bag

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern] So you let the wrong cat out of the bag. That’s okay. 

[Brian Smalley] That’s what I do, Sami.

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern] I know. I even give you an agenda. It’s okay, though. Atagi, you want to give the official announcement number one? 

[Ryan Atagi] Yeah, so we’re gonna speak about terpenes, we’re going to do a CBG/CBD exact dose syringe with added terpenes to it, we added some of our own blended terpenes that we’re going to use in it. It’s It’s really good. It’s going to be a really interesting material you guys can play with and now that Brian showed you guys how to make cool stuff with it, you can buy these syringes and make your own tinctures.

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern] And those are going to be available to order like as soon as we get off this call. They are effectively available now, which is exciting. So where did he go?

[Brian Smalley] I’m on the terpene.

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern] So, we have a lot more questions too. So don’t,

[Brian Smalley] So we got this really super awesome oil here. I’m gonna add 5 mils of terps to this. So here we go add some terps to this. And then you know what? I think we’ll try to figure out a way that this is going to someone in this chat right now, so this will go or I’ll put it in five bottles and this will go to five people in this chat right now. And if there’s anyone like Chris, this one here is that other thing you were talking about. I’ll hook you up with something. So you know it’s like the Wink wink wink wink wink. Yeah, so extra terps. This will have a bite to it, but a good bite. Because it smells super good already. If we don’t have the terpenes and they’re starting to move around, see how they’re looking like the oil did it first. So same sort of thing. I want to heat it up even with the terps and just move it around a little bit, my plates been off so next question. What do you got Sami? Oh added terpenes. Okay, this is 10 different terpenes. It’s a blend. Terpenes are like cannabinoids In my opinion, adding one. If you’re trying to treat something specific like if you have an autistic kid and a mirror scene sets them off or something like that, then I’m very terpene specific or if there’s a downside to multiple terpenes. But generally 99% of the population- a broad spectrum of terpenes, a broad spectrum of cannabinoids as much of the plant as it is, is intended how we want to take it. And you’ll tell the difference I mean, you can take where there’s been seven terpenes separated, put them in a jar together and put them back in here and what I just put in there and you’ll be able to tell the difference hands down and you take this one you’d like oh, that’s pretty good. You won’t know the difference until you try this when you go Whoa, that was not very good. So

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern] I’m okay so Connie and is asking- she tries for low THC, but her tinctures are darker than the one that you just did. So does color have anything to do with it? And then also what is the ratio between the tincture and MCT that she should use?

[Brian Smalley] Well, the ratio all depends on potency. I mean, however much MCT you add, it dilutes your concentrate. So it all depends on what potency per volume you’re looking for. What was it for the first part? I just answered the second 

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern] The color looks darker when she does it then what yours is.

[Brian Smalley] A lot of it sometimes it’s the oil, some MCT oils are cleaner and clearer than others, their process is better. And honestly, some of our batches of oil will be in the same potency range and have different colors that’s terpene dependent as well. Like if you look at this, both of these are terpenes. Can you see the difference in color? And these are both broad spectrum terpenes, they both have between seven and 10 terpenes in them, but just in different concentrations. And so the coloring consistency, it’s not anything to really worry about. Some people have said it’s so clear. I don’t know if there’s anything in there and I tell them, we’ll just take it. Try it. And they’re like, Oh, yeah, there’s stuff in there. Like, yeah, it’s just some some comes out darker than others. It’s the same process every time. It’s a batch process. It’s a process that works. It’s efficient, it’s effective, it’s clean, food grade, so our process is identical every time but different batches of hemp have different characteristics. Sometimes we run purple flower, and the oil is different color completely and it doesn’t turn necessarily purple, purple flower oil’s darker. It’s almost like a brown color even when it’s in distillate form. And it’s just those characteristics of the flower coming across. So they’re not all identical, and they never will be and if they’re all identical ask a question because there’s something wrong. It shouldn’t all be identical.

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern] Awesome. Okay, so do you have any tips on Tony trying to dose her pup 20 drops? It’s hard to like really make sure you only get 20 drops out of the dropper. So do you have any other tips to help her figure out exactly how much? She doesn’t have a dropper with the measurements on it.

[Brian Smalley] Oh, Tony. Tony’s awesome. For one. I’ve known Tony quite a while. Um, first you start with wrestling the dog to the floor. I know they’re older dogs. And so you have to get them in the position of dominance.

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern] Giving it to her dog isn’t the problem. I think it’s making sure that she gets the right amount out of the dropper to give to her dog. 

[Brian Smalley] Sami, when I give tips, I start at the beginning and I go all the way through. I’m not a half the story person. What kind of dog?

[Toni] The boxers they’re always the boxers.

[Brian Smalley] You’re trying to get 20 drops?

[Toni] No, each dropper bottle has a dropper and sometimes you get 20 drops out of it, sometimes 22, sometimes 25. How do I know the milligrams per drop?

[Brian Smalley] Well, you can bring it down.

[Toni] And now you don’t have to tell me anymore.

[Brian Smalley] You know, each bottle I mean, each ml is 30 drops. So if you’re you get seven tenths of a ml in there, you get seven tenths of 30. If you only get half a dropper, I know sometimes you put it in there, you’re like, Oh, I’m getting ready. I’m getting ready. You’re like, why you keep going? No, you get a good one. Right?

[Toni] All right. Okay, so I don’t want to go too much for the dogs because they don’t know they can’t tell me. 

[Brian Smalley] Not gonna overdose but if you break it down to 30 drops per dropper, and there’s 30 mls per ounce, then that tells you how many total drops are in there and then once you know how many total drops are in there, you take that number and you put it into how many milligrams total are in there. Now, you know, per drop. 

[Toni] This is when you used to tell me

[Brian Smalley] Hey, Chris, are you ready for this? We’re going to do a story problem. See if you can. 1650 milligrams a bottle, right? Yeah, then we go 1650 mls per bottle and you go 30 per, times 30 of those. So 30 times 30 is what put that into 1650. And that’s milligrams for drop. Atagi’s on the math again.

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern] Michelle says pick me but we already know she cheats.

[Brian Smalley] I like that though. It’s good to have backup. I have people in here. There’s people over here. People over here. They’re doing most of this for me. I’m actually getting puppeted right now.

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern] Are we still doing math? Are we ready to move on to another pet question?

[Brian Smalley] I hope we’re done with the math Atagi

[Ryan Atagi] Anybody got it? Nope. Good. About 1.8 milligrams per drop. So 1.8 per drop is what you’re gonna get if it’s 55 milligrams per dropper. So if I met with the dog thing, you know, are you adding it to the food? Because that seems like you’re having a hard time figuring out how much you’re adding to the dog. Is that what the question is?

[Toni] I’m trying to figure out when I get a one gram syringe. And I make a bottle and I’m trying to figure out how to be Brian, which is hard. I need to know like 4/5 milligrams per drop formula. I need to know how much should make my 20 milligrams

[Ryan Atagi] Our website actually has the math broken down on how to figure that out. You can go to…

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern] I’ll pop it in the chat

[Brian Smalley] Here’s a trick to- I’ll put some in here and show you my pouring skills. That didn’t spill a drop. So, now I got this in here, right? And so only got this much in there. But if you like, squeeze it a few times, it’s full. So instead of just going in and pull it up, it’s not full. Doesn’t work. But you put it down in there. Yeah, it gets completely to the top. 

[Toni] So completely obvious. 30 drops. See wasn’t so hard.

[Brian Smalley] I know that Facebook. I mean, every time I go on there, I’ll get 737.5 messages and out of those 27 are sweet 700 mean very well, and then like 38 are mad that I saw you were on Facebook and you didn’t answer my 37 pages of questions. So I’m like, ugh

[Ryan Atagi] Toni, they sell these graduated. I don’t know if you can see it or not. They have graduated droppers. We use them in our tincture bottles that actually has the lines on them, much you’re using. That should help pretty easily.

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern] Okay, so we have a lot to get to still and so I want to make sure we get everybody’s questions so I’m going to, can we try to rapid fire this? Yeah so. Arlene is asking while we’re on the pet conversation- one has major anxiety and the vet wants to put them on trazadone. Yep, she doesn’t want to. 

[Brian Smalley] Full spectrum. Give them one with a little bit of THC in it. Is it anxiety when you’re not home? Is it like that sort of thing, like separation or is it an anxiety just you know, at any given time a sound will set your dog off or what?

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern]  Don’t know if Arlene wants to pop in real quick, oh let’s see what did she say? Anxiety over separation, the dishwasher, anything really.

[Brian Smalley] Yeah, honestly I would go with the full spectrum. It has a little bit of THC in there. It’s a really good calming agent. And honestly, after a week or two weeks, you might even be able to transition off the one with the THC onto the broad spectrum where they’re not going to be you know, a little tired and lazy because the CBD will be built up on the receptors by then and should have a general calming effect. It works for me. I used to be scared of the dishwasher too.

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern] You still are. Yeah. Okay, how do you add terpenes if you already bought a big jar of bulk broad spectrum?

[Brian Smalley] Give us a call

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern]  That’s a Rapid Fire answer

[Brian Smalley] Terpenes are coming. It’s one of the things we will have in the next probably two weeks.

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern]  What are we going to have in two weeks?

[Brian Smalley] Terpenes

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern]  Well, we already announced the CBG/CBD with terpenes

[Brian Smalley] No but I guess they already have bulk they need added terpenes they want to do the extra terpenes. It’s Yeah, we’ll have a meeting about this after this but very very very soon. Because it is

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern]  Oh, he just sounds out there. So we’re going to move on. Bill is asking and I think I lost when this chat came in. The question is how do you separate those? What were we separating? Terpenes?

[Brian Smalley] Some of the secondary process is when you take a crude oil and you run it to a distillate, there’s a process that basically adds heat. And when you add heat, the terpenes are going to off-gas. And so when the terpenes off-gas, in order to increase potency, you have to remove certain things. So to make crude into distillate, you’re removing all the waxes, all the liquids through winterization. All these other processes in order to get your higher concentration, you have to remove certain things. So as our distillate potency goes up, you lose a little bit of the terpenes in the distillate, but instead of having those just go out of the atmosphere, we have a chilled cool, really awesome process that actually retains all those terpenes and so we have those terpenes to add back in and some of the people want products from us that have almost no terpenes in it, because terpenes have have flavor. If they’re putting it into a gummy, they don’t want it to change the flavor of the gummy whatsoever. So they’re looking for just that cannabinoid content and not terpenes. So when we’ve separated those out, we now have volume of terpenes and terpenes are awesome. So adding terpenes back into stuff, adding extra terpenes we have nothing that we make that has no terpenes in it, we don’t make a terpene free thing unless a customer goes, Hey, I’m trying to make this and I can’t have any terpenes and I go, you know, that’s gonna be this, this this and it’s not gonna be this and they’re like, we don’t care, we want to like, Alright, pays the bills so we can do what we want to do. So that’s why

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern] I’m okay. Then we had a question about the compassion program. So I just wanted to touch base on that. I’m going to put the link to that in the chat. But we do have our Eagle compassion program which does for like frontline responders, for veterans, for those on disability, low income. We have a program that gives you 30% off for a full year. You do have to apply every year but you get 30% off all your products during that time. So I just popped the link in chat if anybody wants to check that out or if you can share that with anybody that you think could make use of it. We really feel passionate about making sure that everybody has access to CBD and that financial things.

[Brian Smalley] Absolutely. And it’s basically bringing it back to why I started this whole thing. Where I grew tons of plants, tons of grows, made tons of medicine and gave it all away. I mean, it’s what we really want to do. It just isn’t super sustainable over time. And what I realized is like a sliding scale is a really, really cool way of helping as many people as you can and not turning people away who need help. It just you can’t, it’s not sustainable to give 100% of everything away ever and be like, oh, but it’s medicine. It shall be giving away. I agree. 1,000,000%. I just can’t continue doing it and stay in business. The compassion program helps people to access medicine that need the medicine. So do you have an issue of this? Talk to us. We’ll help. I mean, that’s what we’re here for. That’s what we’re doing.

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern]  Okay, another terpene question. Are terpenes tested for type and percentage.

[Brian Smalley] Yeah, potency. Yep. Atagi, you go ahead. Lab guy.

[Ryan Atagi] Yeah, we test it for potency, residual solvents, all these things, make sure that we know what’s in there. That full terpene analysis of the products.

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern] And it’s coming for all of our products shortly. Um, okay, so I am sorry, I’m trying to take a screenshot of everyone that’s here since yesterday, we can fulfill Brian Smiley’s giveaway. Okay, so should we move on to kind of our last two announcements that we have and give people some time to put in their final questions? Smalley, do you want to talk? Oh, Peavey’s at home now! Look, you’re not even in your car. And I do want to say actually, before we jump into that, Ryan Sanford from our team popped in here a little bit after I’d already allowed everybody to say hello, allowed. Wow. I wish I had that much control. So Sanford, do you want to say hi, and introduce yourself to everybody?

[Ryan Sanford] Hey, everyone, how’s it going? Um, yes, Ryan Sanford, have a lot of you out on customer service and what not. But right now, my life has become the green house. So just learning a lot from Smalley and growing plants and yeah, everything’s kind of getting exciting around here. So lots to come. Can you see that pretty well?

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern]  Smalley, now that everybody’s learned how to make syringes, want to talk about the sale that we have? Did you do your homework? So now that we’ve taught you all how to make syringes, and now that we have the brand new CBG plus CBD, one to one we are going to be doing we are doing a sale. It’s live right now for 20% off all of our syringes through Sunday, so use code syringe 20 at checkout, and you can load up through the weekend and get your hands on the CBG plus CBD. I do have to let you know that the labs are like crazy backed up right now. So they did a super rush on our CBG/CBD syringe so that we could get this out to you guys. But the full compliance testing is coming, the full terpene report is coming. And we appreciate your patience with that. But what usually takes the lab a couple days ended up taking weeks. And so we just didn’t want that to be the thing that stopped us from being able to get this product in with this sale.

[Brian Smalley] So we test all our stuff in house as well. So we know what we’re putting in our products. We know what our potency is. We know all these things. We’re just not using that as a reference point because everything we do has to be third party. So we do our own r&d stuff. We know what we’re making, we know our quality, but we’re not going to tell you what we said. We’re going to tell you what a state certified lab third party says. That’s the difference, you know, in a lot of companies as well.

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern]  That’s totally true. And then the last thing we really wanted to share with you guys, so if you have final questions, make sure you get them in here. We’ll still stick around and answer those but we are also launching our insider program, which we’re really excited about, this is a VIP program. So we know you guys are all fans of ours. And so we’d love to do something for you as well. So the $79 a year program, you get 10% off all of your orders for the year, you get a free t-shirt, you get a free sticker, we’re also going to be doing a bonus and live q&a here. That’s only just for those people so recorded and put in a portal just for you guys. So we can kind of dive deeper on some of these topics. And we hope we’re hoping fingers crossed that with COVID and everything we will be able to start doing some live events out here. Our insiders will get discounted opportunities, if not free to come to some of those. And you also get access to product first, so we’ll send you links to buy the product before it even hits the market. So that is Oh, hang on. I gotta make sure I send this to everybody.

[Brian Smalley] And we have cool products coming like I’m gonna say something that’s gonna just be a little hint. Whatever. But I’ve worked with Ryan Atagi a little bit to make some face lotion face cream like antioxidant amazingness. And I tell you what, the first sample that came out of that thing. I’m like five years younger in a day. I’m not joking, like seriously. And these feet have been beat up from farm, Farm, Farm, farm and farm. And I put some of that on my feet last night. Tell you what, my feet are about 25 years younger and they’re smiling. So the fleet are a really good access point for cannabinoids, the bottom of the feet. Really, really, really good for you. So we’re going to make an actual foot lotion that’s coming up really soon that will blow your mind it’s life changing. I mean, ultimately, like I’m dancing around today, and I don’t dance, not pretty, but I’m doing a lot of it. So see, you know, super awesome that’s right Atagi’s smiling I got made that I made that. He did. And that’s awesome. So really cool stuff. Comment, like everyone’s gonna want that first because it is life altering. I mean, this is great. I love it. But man, I’m telling you, my feet.

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern] And I do, I do want to say as an added bonus, if you are an insider that 10% that you get off cannot be used in conjunction with other sales that we run. So like when we ran our 21% offer for 21, like you wouldn’t be able to use those two together. But for this sale only, we are allowing you to use that 10% off. So if you sign up to be an insider, you can actually get 20% off your syringes plus an additional 10%. So now is the time to do it. If you want to do it, stop talking like a salesperson now

[Brian Smalley] Honestly, the shirts are cool, like I wear them all the time. They’re comfy, stretches just right. Yeah, that lotion, definitely 20 years younger. Definitely. 

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern] I feel like that’s a claim you’re not allowed to make

[Brian Peavey] No FDA claims.

[Brian Smalley] I said makes me feel 20 years younger.

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern] There you go. Perfect. There you go. Tony says bring on the lotion. Shelly says we’re awesome. This grandma has been a Brian fan from the early GOM days and I appreciate the heck out of you.

[Brian Smalley]  Well, we’re glad you’re here. And this is kind of cool, because now everyone sees everyone’s real people Facebook’s kind of sometimes, but yeah, we’re definitely real. We’re here to stay. We’re gonna keep making really cool stuff. We keep learning every day. products we can add CBD and cannabinoids and terpenes and everything to improve our way of life. We do it for us and then we do it for you.

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern] Anything else that the team wants to say? I mean, any other? Oh, thank you, Michelle. I have to read these comments out loud because the people that are watching the replay, don’t see the chat. So I just want to make sure everyone knows that Michelle says that I have to put up with so much. It’s okay. I love it. Okay, well, any other thoughts, messages? Um, otherwise, we’ll wrap this up. This has been great. You guys have all been super engaged and awesome. And I want to say that we love to teach you guys more about all of this. So if there are other topics that you would like us to kind of walk you through demo, dive deeper, and please let us know. But otherwise, I’ll turn it over to you guys to say goodbye.

[Brian Smalley] Thanks, everyone for coming. Come back next time and like she said, there’s stuff you guys want to see, you want to talk about, you want to learn about any of those things, hit me up, we’ll put together stuff. And I mean, this stuff’s kind of fun. It gets me out of other parts of work. And so it’s like I’m playing hooky from school for a while. So I’m in it. We’ll figure out how and who and whatnot. And this I’m gonna drink a little bit, but then after that it goes to somebody in here, some people in here. Yeah. 

Thanks, everybody. 

Thank you, everyone.

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