Q&A 5.21.20

Buying CBD, CBG, Q&A, Using CBD

Live Q&A’s are fun for our team. We love being able to share our knowledge and insights into the world of hemp and CBD. We are also grateful that you let us share what we’re up to and how things are going on our farm and with our team.

In this episode we discussed:

  • terpenes.
  • differences between the oils.
  • what to look for in lab results to find the product that works best for you.
  • what types of products work best for anxiety, sleep, etc.
  • CBG and CBN – what are the benefits and are we using them?
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Full Transcript

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Okay, so here we are with our Freedom CBD hang. Thank you all for joining us. I’m Sami. I’m the Marketing Director here at Freedom CBD, I will be your moderator. And I want to just give a quick thank you to all of you that sent in questions ahead of time. And it’s really helpful for us just to make sure that we can cover today what you guys are really interested in and want to know more about

A couple of ground rules and questions in case you guys haven’t used zoom we’re going to ask unless you’re part of the Freedom CBD team that you stay muted, just so we don’t have the background noise so that the people that are watching the replay can really get the answers to the questions and hear everything clearly. If you have questions, please feel free to put them in the chat we will get to you. And you can also click, if you click on participants which is at the bottom, then you can click raise hand and if you do that, then will signify to me that you have a question that we need to hit you up. Sound good, everybody?

Cool. Um, so with that, I would love to just have everybody that’s here from our team, give a quick, introduce yourselves so that those that might not know you, we have a lot of new faces today. So that’s super exciting. And so those that might not know you and can kind of see your face and then what you do for the team. So I’m just gonna go in the order that you guys are showing up on my chat. So Peavey, do you want to say hello?

[BRIAN PEAVEY] Yes, hello, everyone. We’re out here just having fun in the wind and getting the greenhouse built and all kinds of plants cloned and ready for the field. We’ve got all kinds of exciting things to tell you guys about today.


[RYAN ATAGI] Hi guys, I’m Ryan Atagi I’m the lab manager for those of you who are just joining with us. And I get to hang on the lab all day, we got lots of lab stuff to do we got some cool new products for you guys.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Awesome. And did I lose? Sanford? No. Sanford I see you here. Did we lose Smalley?

[BRIAN PEAVEY] Maybe in the background was Sanford

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Oh ok. He’s muted.

[RYAN SANFORD] Sorry he was muted. He got booted off so it was just over for the ID. Hello everyone. Um, a lot of you know me from customer service. Done some on sales. Currently though, I am learning all about the greenhouse operations working with Smalley and looking at kind of taken over that area. So I’m having a good time with that. Keeping all our our ladies and clones and seeds healthy and yeah, trucking along.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Awesome. And I think Smalley must be having connectivity issues. But I I think everybody knows Brian Smalley is our kind of genetics wizard and the behind the scenes master of all products and things that we we do here.

Oh, he’s back.

[RYAN SANFORD] He’s back there.

[BRIAN SMALLEY] Why you guys got to rat me out? Oh, I was having a calm, quiet moment to myself.

 [SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Oh, okay, well, that’s fine, you can do that too. So Smalley do you want to say hi and then kind of give people a greenhouse tour, greenhouse update?

[BRIAN SMALLEY] Yeah, I mean, this one’s kind of boring. Those of you I don’t know, nice to meet you, I’d go over my background, but everyone knows already. Grew, grew, grew and grew. Breed, breed, breed and breed. And here we are.

So we’re basically taking a ton of cuttings. We’re doing a clone program versus germinating seeds for our fields, find it’s more consistent, a lot more work but everything’s consistent across the field scale at that point in time. So we’re about 30,000 cuttings into the 200,000 cuttings we need to do. And going nonstop, just got some new trays.

Here’s what the genetics look like, when they go from these little trays over there to full grown plant. You see how many tops these things have. production Production production. Super, super cool. In a little bit, I’ll go over to a couple of the other greenhouse things we’re working on. But this one’s boring. Now. This is the one that was empty, there was 4000 plants in here. Now there’s a ton of small plants. Not very many big plants. So kind of boring.

Towards the end, I’ll go to the other greenhouse. It’s a long walk, and you’ll have to hear me heavy breathing. So I’m gonna keep that till the end.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Thanks, we appreciate that.

 Um, well, if you’ve been following us on social media, then you know we have three big announcements that we’re going to share with you today. But of course, we’re not going to get to those right now. You have to stick around till the end. So what do you say we hop into to some questions?


Okay, so why don’t you talk a little bit about, we have a lot of questions about the difference in in oils and things of that nature. But will you talk a little bit about what terpenes are why we care about terpenes? And then kind of, we’ve had some questions about why they’re showing up on our lab results, why they don’t show up on our lab results, you know, and why people should should care.

[BRIAN SMALLEY] What was the first part of that. What are terpenes? Terpenes are basically the flavor, the essence the scent of the plant, which works synergistically with the cannabinoid profile on the plant to give you different results. Same sort of thing. Everyone has different cannabinoids endocannabinoid system. So different terpenes will affect people differently.

But when you’re looking for oils, you want to find the cannabinoid content that fits you as well as the terpene profile that fits you. When people start talking about hemp and go, “Hey, is that an indica hemp or is that a sativa hemp.” All hemp, like federally legal hemp is cannabis sativa. So what you really want to look at as far as the feeling you’re going to get from it is the terpene profile.

Myrcene is one of the heavier terpenes. That’s sort of a docile terpene and makes most people calm and cool and sleepy. And then beta carophyllene of filing is more of an upper terpene. So you’re not really looking at an indica dominance or a sativa dominance in hemp, you’re really looking for the terpene profile.

Terpene profiles, we have a bunch of them posted. Our machine that does all the processing for terpenes. It’s kind of dead right now. So we’re doing third party testing. So some of our profiles are a little bit delayed. But every new product that comes out will have the full terpene profile on there from this point in time, because we found a third party processor that we are a third party lab that we actually trust their terpene process. It’s not the easiest thing on the planet to do. And so, we haven’t been able to find one who’s very reliable yet until recently. So we will have all our terpene profiles on there. But yeah, indica, sativa. Look at terpene profile versus an indica or sativa. Because all hemp is cannabis sativa.

Even if you breed out, you take an indica dominant strain, and you breed the THC out. The THC is the part that’s sedative in it. So look for terpenes, terpenes, and then terpenes.

What was the second part, Sami?

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] That was it, why we don’t have them in our lab results. And so you answered that already.

[BRIAN SMALLEY] I got that part. It’s, it is coming. We had some equipment that was very well recommended and worked for about 13 days, and then went to crap. So we’re in the process of getting more in house. But until then, we will use a reliable third party laboratory.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Perfect. So going back to another kind of core basic, can you talk a little bit about the difference between crude, winterized crude to broad spectrum or I’m sorry, to full spectrum to broad spectrum?

[BRIAN SMALLEY] I think that’s real good, Ryan Atagi question. Ryan Atagi is now the guy behind the curtain down in the lab making stuff. So I think Ryan can totally handle that one, and I look forward to hearing it. Let’s go Ryan.

[RYAN ATAGI] I won’t let you down man. Okay.

[BRIAN PEAVEY] The wizard.

[RYAN ATAGI] The Wizard in training, I guess is what I’m supposed to be.

So the difference between winterized crude, and full spectrum distillate is the winterized crude is the first step in our processing. So after we extract the biomass material, we run it through a simple secondary processing and then you end up with your crude material and it’s very dark in color and it has a lot of the the minor cannabinoids and the terpenes are all still really going to be intact.

And then we run it through another processing step. That’s going to get it into that first pass distillate. That’s what you’re going to get when you’re going to get that golden, really nice looking oil. You remove some of the terpenes in that process, so it’s not going to have as high terpenes in there, but we can do things like add terpenes back into that distillate. Get that higher terpene profile.

And this last step the third step would be the broad spectrum distillate, the broad spectrum distillate it is when we run it through our flash chromatography machines and remove all the THC and then we end up with a broad spectrum THC free, distillate. LOQ

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] And so you mentioned terpenes again and all of yours and Bill’s asking in the chat and whoever wants to take this one, if there’s a if there’s three priority terpenes that you would want to see in your product as a consumer.

[BRIAN SMALLEY] Honestly, there, there’s no priority terpenes it’s sort of what works for you. I mean, I can prioritize terpenes that work for me. But there’s some people who respond terribly to some terpenes and they respond amazing to other terpenes so that’s more of an individualized analysis, you know what I mean?

We have a bunch of different terpenes in our genetics and this season, and have we have some really cool new stuff coming out, that’s going to have some really minor terpenes that are going to be in really major fashion. So those ones we don’t want to talk about quite yet until it’s proven on a field scale. But our small scale indoor tests and laboratory tests are really, really good. We can talk about those sort of in the future but terpenes are all individually based really.

I mean, you should try multiple terpene Ranges to find out what works best for you. The molecules and avenues can work for you really, really well. And you don’t get a synergetic effect until you find that one terpene that is your terpene that really works and it might be your daytime terpene might be your nighttime terpene.

A lot of people take oils with THC on this other thing at nighttime and CBD during the daytime. But you can get some CBD that’s a good nighttime CBD as well. Based on the terpene profile and how your body reacts,

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Okay, so this is a great segue then into the next two questions that we have one being which of our products specifically or which products might be best assist with daytime anxiety.

[BRIAN SMALLEY] Anxiety wise, that’s sort of injured individualized as well, because some people like that little bit of tiny bit of THC, it sort of takes the edge off. It’s like half a glass of wine or a beer for breakfast on an empty stomach. It just has just enough of that THC in it, where it relieves that anxiety almost immediately. And then the CBD goes to work in order to keep you in that calm state.

But I think the THC synergistically works really, really, really, really well to reduce anxiety for most people. But then again, like I said, everyone’s an individual with a separate endocannabinoid system. Some people will take a little bit of THC, if you like. Did you hear that? Did you hear that? I mean, it. So it all depends on the individual. So it’s a good thing to try both. I mean, try and both get the broad spectrum is really, really good for daytime. Um, I like the broad spectrum daytime, I also like our 3000 milligram one for the daytime. It’s like four cups of coffee for me on an empty stomach in 30 seconds. I mean, that one is really, really, really great. I love that one. But that’s just me.

THC side, I used to be really, really good at now. I mean, I’ll take hypothetically, if I took four or five droppers of our full spectrum, I get a little weird. And I, you know, I like to be I like to have my alone time then. But I also sleep very, very, very well on that one. And I’m not suggesting or recommending I’m not a doctor that anyone takes four droppers full, but if you do, it’s pretty fun. But don’t drive and do it at night.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Okay, I appreciate that. So, um, so what I’m hearing you say is initially when you’re trying a new product like ours, if you haven’t used it before, check the lab results so that you can make sure you know it’s pesticide free, that it’s clean that it’s got, you know, the CBD THC levels that you’re comfortable with. And then once you’ve tried it and you know that it works, and you really want to pay attention to the terpene profiles so that the future products that you buy match that because you know, that works with your body system.

[BRIAN SMALLEY] Yeah, because I mean, we’re making different batches and all companies gonna be making batches from different material. And so just because it says CBD on the front doesn’t mean you’re going to get the same effect. So the more data you collect from what works for you, the more you’re going to know in the future, what will work for you.

However, your receptors can also get saturated at some point. And we do a thing called like a receptor, clear, receptor clean where you go three or four days without taking any cannabinoids and let your receptors clear.

Another way to do that, say you have super horrible inflammation from arthritis and it’s debilitating. You can switch to an oil with a different terpene profile. And a lot of the time that receptor clearing is not necessary. The terpenes being very, very different hnestly, we’ll sort of get you over that hump. And then you can switch. You go back and forth between different blends different secondaries, different primaries, I mean, just keep confusing your preceptors. Because like anything, you get a headache, you take an aspirin, it works great for a couple days, and day 5 you’ll take two aspirin and they 25, you seven aspirin, and then you’re on to the rest of it. We work similar.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] So just to let everybody know, to as we produce and change our product lines, you know, obviously, transparency is a big thing for us. And you’ll be able to find all that information on our product pages so that you can make informed decisions about which product of ours you’re purchasing. Right?

Okay, so then moving into kind of deepening, I think this your answer is going to be kind of similar. But another question was, how does one determine the type of CBD to take for like sleep versus pain and healing?

You’re going to go back to the terpenes aren’t you?

[BRIAN SMALLEY] The full spectrum is definitely better than the broad spectrum for sleep. 100% full spectrum is fantastic.

Honestly broad spectrum is like my coffee. And full spectrum is like my NyQuil, but organic and safe.

That’s my disclaimer.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] I like it. You’re very well behaved tonight.

[BRIAN SMALLEY] Really? Yeah. The day is young.

[RYAN SANFORD] That’s because I’m in the greenhouse watching.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Okay, so then we’ve talked about kind of which product works well for which things and guys, honestly, if you have questions, please post them in the chat and we’ll make sure we get to them. But what, you know, dosing, like what’s the max that you should or could take in a day? And does that vary based off of if you are taking the full spectrum or a broad spectrum product?

[BRIAN SMALLEY] Yeah, I mean, everyone has a tolerance and everyone has like a receptor saturation level. I mean, there’s people like you go back to the Rick Simpson methodology of you take, you know, 1000 milligrams of this a day and cancer goes away. Our bodies are different again, endocannabinoid systems in everybody.

But you use, you reach a certain saturation point where you can take an extra 500 milligrams and it’s not going to do much for you. Because your body won’t be able to retain it, it’ll turn into a byproduct. I mean over probably 200 milligrams of CBD daily, and you’re not really doing any good for yourself.

Um, you will be oversaturated at that point in time. But there’s some people that like to take more, I mean, I’ve had plenty of days where I’m not really healing or fixing anything, but CBD for me is a fairly good stimulant during the daytime. So, you know, we work all night long and slept for two hours and got up by noon. And now I’m taking a couple more droppers with a broad spectrum, and I’ll get two or three hours of a really nice mellow energy out of it. And a clear focus.

I mean, it gives me so good mental focus as well. That’s one of the things you have 25 things on your to do list, you know, you’re not going to get them all done. CBD is one of the things I have on my list, like every three things. I have CBD in there, because that way I don’t stress about those other things that I’m not quite getting done. It doesn’t like put them completely out of your mind. But you don’t stress about the things you’re not doing you focus on the things you are doing. It’s pretty amazing for me otherwise I’d be bald, fully gray haired. So that’d be bad. Oh, look at Peavey takes off his hat.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] All of his hair, show all of his hair.

[BRIAN PEAVEY] I was enjoying the thought of Smalley losing his hair and everything else. I just seemed to put a smile on my face for whatever reason.

[BRIAN SMALLEY] Wow. Wow, that’s That’s nice of you, Brian.

[BRIAN PEAVEY] I don’t know why. Maybe I also had, you know, the potbelly. And something else going on? I don’t know.

[BRIAN SMALLEY] You mentioned that part two. Thanks. Yeah. No yet.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Um, okay, so then I don’t know if this is a question for Atagi or you Smalley. But we were also there was a question about why the lab results for the full spectrum tincture are so much different from that of the full spectrum syringe.

[RYAN ATAGI] So the reason for that is your syringe test results are giving you what that oil is. In the syringe basically, concentrated, it’s going to give me the concentrates can be 720 milligrams. The tincture is what it is per dose per one mil. So if you take that 720 and you divided within that 30 – 1 mil droppers, that’s why you get like a 666 milligrams or 55 milligrams around 7% it’ll actually be in a percent in the COA. So if it says you know, like 5.5%, that’s gonna be the 55 milligrams in of CBD in the tincture, as opposed to the 76% is what is in our syringes most the time it will be a 760 milligrams.

Does that make sense?

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Yep. Okay, so Bill gave us the perfect transition to one of our announcements, so I’m going to, so he’s asking there’s so I’m going to bring this over to you first Smalley. We’re seeing so much more interest in the minor cannabinoids, especially CBG and CBN. And are we factoring those? Well, are we factoring those into our mixes? But then also what what do we see as the added benefits of those cannabinoids.

[BRIAN SMALLEY] We are, we are factoring them, but instead of trying to make isolates from them, and taking it and separating everything out, we’re breeding towards that. So we can still get a full profile. But a higher CBN content like will breed CBN up to eight or 9%. So when we make an oil, it’ll come out at 62% CBN 11% CBD, you know, 4% CBG instead of taking a little tiny bit of CBN from everything else, and just isolating and making an isolate we can do it with the plant and my whole goal is use the entire planet. As a plant intended, and there’s some high CBN plants out there, and we’ll put them together and we’ll breed them into our really high CBD plants and our really high CBG plants. And ultimately our goal will be to have something that’s 25%, 10% one cannabinoid 10%, another cannabinoid, another 5%. You know, but just would be a minor at that point in time.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] So why do we why do we care about CBGD and CBN?

[BRIAN SMALLEY] CBN? Honestly, you want to talk about sleepy time? CBN is the coolest thing on the planet for sleep. It is. It’s crazy amazing. There’s no hangover from it. I hate to say it works for everyone. But I’m sorry. It’ll pretty much work for everyone. People say, Oh no, CBN doesn’t work on me. I’m CBN proof. I’ve been smoking weed since I was 12. And now I’m 50. I heard that a million times.

Okay, here’s 25 milligrams. It takes about 10 milligrams to put down just about anyone into a nice healthy REM sleep. So CBN is very, very, very, very great. For us, we remove THC and some of our oil. So we have THC leftover, we’re not a THC company, not that I don’t appreciate it on, you know, a little here and there to CBN. So it’s a good thing for us, it’s a good thing for everybody. And the price right now in the market is crazy in it. So we’re trying to figure out the best way to do it cost effectively. So we can go out there and take that $20,000 –  $25,000 liter of CBN and drop it 75% and disrupt that market and get it to people. Because sleep is shouldn’t be something you have to worry about if you can afford to do or not.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] And what about? Why do we want CBG in our product?

[BRIAN SMALLEY] CBG is really I mean, the difference between CBD and CBG isn’t very much. CBG is the new CBD. It’s exciting. It’s this it’s that I’ve had CBD all day long. CBG does a couple things potentially, that CBD does not do. However, in my book they’re almost the same. But as we build up tolerance to CBD, we can add in CBG and we’re confusing our receptors again. So it’s one of those things where you can go back and forth between those two and get constant relief without any downtime or without a receptor cleansing.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Awesome. So let’s get to announcement number one. Ryan, would you like to share that Atagi?

[RYAN ATAGI] We’re adding a whole ‘nother tincture our ever expanding tincture family so brings our tinctures up to nine products that we have available for you guys. So the new tincture we’re doing is a one to one CBG to CBD tincture. The per milliliter dosing on this is going to be 37 milligrams of CBG 36 milligrams of CBD, one milligram of CBC and one milligram of THC.

It gives us a grand total of 2291 milligrams per bottle. So this is going to be a really cool product, we get to mess around a little bit to make a one to one with it. And it’s, I’m really excited for people to get this and give us some feedback on it.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] So it’ll be available for pre order tomorrow. The price point is $79. And we will, we’re anticipating being able to ship a week from tomorrow, right? So it’s not that that much of a pre order.

[BRIAN SMALLEY] And it is pretty awesome. I mean, we we looked at the rest of the market, what’s out there, and there’s other companies with 500 milligrams of one to one that are $100, one 750, and it’s $113. And so we’re like, yeah, we’ll make it 2000 and something and we’ll make less than theirs.

So I’d really love to hear some feedback from people because CBG, this is our first CBG product that’s actually coming out. So Leah’s like, me yeah me. Yeah. So yeah, I would love to hear how people feel. It’s different. The one to one for me. I think I can honestly feel the difference between them because now you’re getting a ton of CBG along with that CBD, but that’s just me. So I would love to hear from other people as well.

I think it gives you a longer action versus the CBD which I noticed for about two or three hours the one to one I’m noticing like five hours of relief and calm and you know, everything’s great. So extends it two hours out. That’s a huge benefit.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Yeah, Janice says she can’t wait to try it. And it’s like literally you guys so new like while I was on this call and the labels for the bottles just arrived in my office. Like that’s how hot off the press you’re getting.

[BRIAN SMALLEY] Yeah, honestly. I think that’s my that color on that bottle. Honestly, I’m not gonna probably say this ever again because I think that’s my color. That one’s that those are the best looking ones we have so far.

Those ones the look. Yeah, I’m very excited about those.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Oh, Deb says she can’t wait either and Julia’s excited. She says the product sound amazing. So before we get into the big announcement number two, we’ve got a couple more questions that we want to get to. So Teysa prefers not to type so much. So I’m going to let her go live. So I’m going to unmute you, Tessa, if you want to go ahead and ask you

[BRIAN SMALLEY] You better call her Teysa


[RYAN SANFORD] Otherwise, she’s gonna taze ya!

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] I know better. Okay. Anyway,

[TEYSA] Thanks Ryan I appreciate that. My question is, well, I’ve typed it out, but I ordered that new full spectrum. I’m trying to use the proper terms, the full spectrum. And so, I made my first batch with that. And I always mixed three grams to one ounce of MCT. Just so it’s stronger. I take less of it. And so but this last batch, I mean, it was it’s almost clear in the dropper. Is it that clean of a product that there’s not I mean, it might be a hair bit of a yellow. Yeah, that’s my old ones are definitely yellow, the, you know, the bigger full spectrum, the old full spectrum,

[BRIAN SMALLEY] Our process is actually getting better we’re evolving. So we’re getting more efficient in our processes. We’re getting cleaner products and our processes. So honestly, some products, you look at them, and they’re almost clear, you’re like, oh, there’s probably nothing in there. That’s not with ours, because I mean, you saw the oil, right? You got the oil in syringe form. And you look at that.

[TEYSA] Yeah, and it doesn’t look any different. So I thought maybe I did something wrong.

[BRIAN SMALLEY] Nope, it is literally, like two shades lighter, where you’re eye can’t even tell but once you put in your MCT, and some people actually get a better MCT as well that’s also more purified and cleaner. The higher end MCT oil will be more trans transparent. But yeah, you can see through it, there you go. Whereas some of the other stuff has like almost a milky shade to it, you can’t really see, but it’s there. So when you mix that stuff together, it could be one or two to use the exact same brand of MCT or a new MCT.

[TEYSA] It tastes like cannabis. So I thought, well, I’ll taste it, you know, because I’ve been taking it for about a week or so now. Yeah. And it tastes like cannabis. So I thought, well, it must all be infused it. I thought maybe it didn’t all infuse.

[BRIAN SMALLEY] It’s probably just some of our flower comes in and some of it runs one color. Some of it runs another color. I mean, they’re all jewels. And so that’s it’s that it’s your MCT oil was different, or it’s just that. same oil?

[TEYSA] Okay, I was just curious. There may be other people running into the same thing or that maybe you didn’t know it.

[BRIAN SMALLEY] We’ve had, like some of our batches that we’ve been making to I will look at the same thing. I’m like, Whoa, that is clear. And it’s a good thing. But it’s also like a questionable thing, huh? What’s going on there? So what I do is I take a syringe of it, and I just squirt some directly in my mouth just to make sure. So next time, just take a little bit. Concentrate directly under your tongue. And then let me know how that works.

[TEYSA] Well, you mean out of the syringe?


[TEYSA] Yeah. Well, I had some of that in me. And it’s like always kind of peppery and strong. No, it was just it was just a visual.

[BRIAN SMALLEY] Yeah, I think it’s just a it’s just a cleaner batch.

[TEYSA] Okay. All right. I’ll let you talk.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Are you going to say something about that?

[RYAN ATAGIE] Oh, me? No, I was just saying Brian’s our quality control rat. He gives us a thumbs up and we ship it out.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] There you go. See we test everything on on Smalley.

[BRIAN SMALLEY] Atagi why are you trying to have my beard.


At least he’s not trying to have your Mohawk from a month ago.

[BRIAN SMALLEY] Oh yeah, look, it’s coming back.

From there to shave to short. I’m a hat guy, until I get good hair again.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Okay, so Julia is asking do we have a whole affiliate program or a wholesale retail program? And yes, absolutely we do. In fact, there’s several of our affiliates here on this call. So I put the link in the chat so https://freedomcbd.co/affiliate-program is where you go to get the information and the basic details. We offer 20% off commissions that we pay out on a monthly basis for any order that comes through, you’re able to track people for the lifetime that they’re purchasing. And, and so yeah, definitely check that out. If you’re if you’re interested. We would appreciate having you on board and would love to support you in that and then as far as a wholesale retail program, we are working on the commission rates and things for referrals in that world but we do not have a formal program set up on that side yet but it is coming. Hopefully that answers your question.

[BRIAN SMALLEY] I like when they ask you questions.


[BRIAN SMALLEY] Cuz you’re good at it.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Thanks. Okay, so we’re gonna get to announcement number two, which is a little bit longer. So Smalley now might be the good time for you to go huff and puff because you can mute yourself and go over to the other greenhouse. And then when Peavey’s done with his announcement, you can show the other other greenhouse and then share your announcement.

[BRIAN SMALLEY] Oh, Peavey has an announcement. Oh, nice. All right,

[BRIAN PEAVEY] I have an announcement.

[BRIAN SMALLEY] I’m gonna know what mine is based on his I betcha.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] I put the agenda in our group chat? Did you guys you, you made sure Atagi was prepped, but you didn’t prep yourself?

[BRIAN SMALLEY] I read part of it. My name is somewhere was it?

I’m too busy.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] I got you. I got you. But now’s a good time for you to go to the other greenhouse while Peavey talks about our new program.

[BRIAN SMALLEY] I’ll be able to catch my breath. All right. Okay, go fish.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Peavey, it’s yours.

[BRIAN PEAVEY] All right. It’s mine. Um, yeah. So We we saw an opportunity in trying to reach out and help people. As you guys all know, I mean, we’re all dealing with this COVID stuff. And we really searched far and wide, hard and long trying to figure out the best way to serve everybody. Because ultimately, that’s what we’re here to do is to go ahead and provide oil, the best oil we possibly can to you guys the best price as possible. And so in doing that, and dealing with everything that we’re all dealing with, and both financial and political and everything else, every other way, we said, How do we best serve those people and we came up with a program called the Eagle Compassion Program.

And what it does is it provides a 30% discount for first responders, physicians, teachers, low income, chronically, disabled, all those types of things, veterans, those people that may be struggling to go ahead and find the money to buy the products they need to take care of themselves and we want to make sure that they do. So we have, you know, a program that we’ve created that’s got, you know some obvious stipulations that we have to have so that people are held to a certain standard of honesty and everything else. So we’ll have you submit some basic documents so you can qualify but it is going to provide you that 30% discount on up to what is it six tinctures, four topicals and four syringes.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Yep, six tinctures, four syringes, yep and four topicals.

[BRIAN PEAVEY] Yeah, in a month that you can go ahead and get and obviously, you can’t go ahead and get your affiliate discount. And you know, if we have sales, you can have a sale discount on top of it. But a 30% discount is a substantial amount we think, and we are excited to be able to do our part to provide our first responders and teachers and everybody else veterans that are helping us to so that we can help them so thank you to all of you guys for for being on the front lines on this pandemic.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Yeah, and the link is in in the chat, or Yeah, so if you can access that it is there, I will make sure to include it in the email with the replay of the video. But please share that with anybody. And, you know, you can start to apply now. And it’s good for a full year.

[BRIAN PEAVEY] Nice job Peavey. And ultimately this comes back down to when I started this other stuff, you know, the THC side everything, you know, 20 years ago it was make stuff, give it away, make stuff, give it away, make stuff, give it away, make it all give it away. And I’ve really found it wasn’t sustainable. You had to have some sort of revenue coming in. Otherwise, you give up on that really, you can’t help anyone. So the ultimate goal is it’s essentially a sliding scale so that nobody gets turned away. So that’s kind of what it is and people need help and we’ll help them and it’s fantastic. And we’ve been trying to do it for a while but the paperwork side of it is a pain in the ass, so we finally got to it and now we’re good.


Awesome. Um, Okay, ready? We’re ready for our next greenhouse tour.

Who’s got music playing?

We lost Smalley.

[BRIAN PEAVEY] Yeah, I got kind of a problem too. I didn’t hear anything that was going on.

It froze on me too. Sorry. What do you guys what was your question?

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] No, there was no question. You open your door and we could hear your door ding. But no.

[BRIAN PEAVEY] Well now, there we go, my bad.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Okay, well, while we wait for him to potentially come back. Are there any other questions that anybody wants to ask in the meantime? Or Sanford? Is there anything you want to share? We haven’t heard much from you. I know you’ve been working hard in the greenhouse.

[RYAN SANFORD] Um, Yeah, now I’m trying to track down Smalley. Find him Peavey, go go use your camera to get the greenhouse.

[BRIAN PEAVEY] All right, I’ll get them.

[RYAN SANFORD] Yeah. Is he right behind you?

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Okay, we’ll mute Peavey while he’s running around. But anyway, what what have you What have you been doing in the greenhouse? It can’t hurt because you’ve been playing with plants for weeks.

[RYAN SANFORD] Oh, every day, um, yeah, all day every day. It’s an insane amount of watering. Lots of transplanting going on. And we’ve had some heavy crews out here. I know Peavey and Doug and some others put together a new greenhouse.

[BRIAN PEAVEY] I’d love to be able to speak and tell you all about these plants. But I can’t hear you because I don’t have any volume because I was on my speaker. But all these plants are going into the field here in the next couple of weeks Sanford I’ll let you dialogue this.

[RYAN SANFORD] Sure, um, a lot of what you’re actually seeing in there are mothers from our last video chat that a lot that you had seen in this greenhouse prior. And you can notice a lot of them are trimmed down. What we’re doing right now is taking cuts off of those for cloning program, which you saw in the greenhouse behind me notified as the boring greenhouse right now, but it’s a lot of work. So every day we’ve got crews that are cutting away thousands and thousands of cuttings between our several greenhouses and we bring them over here to greenhouse one and put them down and get them routed. So yeah, plenty going on, but it looks like Smalley and Peavey are both there. So, are you guys present?

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] They can’t hear it.

[RYAN SANFORD] Well enjoy the imagery. So these are all mother plans. Really, really good genetics. We’re excited to be putting the clones in. Everything grow in our fields looking identical, beautiful, they’re high CBD strain genetics so it’s a lot of work though. Keeping every single one of these plants watered then to transplant them never ending good long as 12 to 16 hour days morning night whatever you can do.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Well I’m hoping that we can get Smalley back for the last announcement because I think that’s something he would like to share with folks but I don’t know if we’re gonna if we’re going to get them back

[RYAN SANFORD] Sometimes they you just lose service out here he’s probably walking across.

So I’ve had, I’ve had plenty of customer calls out here where I lose connection sometimes some of you maybe. Here he is.

[BRIAN SMALLEY] Alright now I’ve got to be all socially distance and time close.

[RYAN SANFORD] I gave him the rundown. Definitely, yeah over there with some other plants and taking trimmings off of them all the cuts we’re taking for clonings in the boring greenhouse as you put it. So just basically that all the transplanting we’re doing but if you want to fill in anything else.

[BRIAN SMALLEY] No that’s good. So for the special announcement. I’m super crappy at homework. I don’t do homework very well. So Sami is going to talk about a Memorial Day Sale. Cause Sami knows exactly what our sale is. Fantastic sale, where we’re gonna have the CBG released and all those things because I’m a little out of shape right now.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Oh, you’re huffing.

[BRIAN SMALLEY] I’ve been running over here with my phone dead.

[RYAN SANFORD] You know maybe what Peavey said about the pot belly isn’t so far off, huh?

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Oh my goodness. Okay, so yes. So the last big announcement that we have is tomorrow we are opening up our Memorial Day Sale so the sale runs from tomorrow morning until end of day on Monday and you’ll get 25% off everything site wide, which is we don’t typically put product up for pre order, but because we knew our CBG was coming so close, we wanted to make sure we had it up and ready for you guys for that sale.

So make sure you check that out the code is MemorialDay25. And I will put this in the chat, but I can’t talk and type at the same time. Sorry, not that talented. So MemorialDay25. And we are still offering free ground shipping, so you can still take advantage of that as well. So share it with your friends share it with everybody. I highly recommend buying the three packs because those are all already 20% off just in the price that’s in the shopping cart. So you can get 20% off three tinctures plus the 25% off sale. So that’s a great deal. But yeah, check it out tomorrow, and we can’t wait to see what you guys think of the new product line.

[RYAN SANFORD] They’re awesome, like all of them. They are they’ll do good. So yeah.

 [BRIAN SMALLEY] Feedback to us good, we’d love feedback. Try it. See what the difference is see what it does for you. We’ll have a whole ‘nother CBG line coming out. We’re going to start with this pertain to your one to one, and then CBG we’re going to push into pretty much all of our existing lines plus some new thing.

[RYAN SANFORD] And something else you guys I mean, obviously the way the CBD market is set up and FDA has yet to approve certain things. Something that I always find is really critical that we love using or any kind of testimonials we can get so if CBD if you have an ailment or know someone who CBD or our new product line CBG coming out benefits, please reach out to us. You’ve got Sami’s email, hello@freedomcbd.co, you have my email, we’re always looking for good testimonials we’d like to get in Leah, I see you waving your hands. So go ahead and unmute her I guess. Go ahead, Leah.

[LEAH] Hi y’all. Um, yeah, I’m really excited about the CBG with the CBD, it’s a one to one ratio and thank you for unmuting me because I still had some questions and I can’t I so I’m really looking forward to the CBG because one of the main things that it helps with inflammation, just like CBD, so I can’t even imagine what this is going to be like together because I’m going to be your I’m going to be getting some and I’m going to be trying, you know, on my own guinea pig I test out everything on myself first anyways. So I’m excited about this.

I and that 3750 milligram CBD, two drops in the day in the morning, all day. Oh my gosh, two drops all day of the 3750

And it looks clear, but it tasted a may zing. And I was like wait a minute, this is clear.

So we’re talking testimonials for the CBG I’ll do it for the CBD but the CBG and whatever else you got.

Thank you for all your hard work you guys thank you for all your hard work because I watered plants and power washed patios and it was hard work. And God bless you.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Leah you said you have a question.

[LEAH] How much is it? How much is the crude?

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] We don’t publish our bulk oil prices. you don’t have

[LEAH] No but for affiliates, because I’m talking with businesses, right. Um, I have to have like a general basic of what it could start. All I need. I just need to give them a price range.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Stanford do you want to take that one?

[RYAN SANFORD] Yeah, I would love to accept it kind of broke up there at the end of Could you repeat it?

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Oh, well, she’s asking for a rough estimate of oil pricing.

[RYAN SANFORD] So when it comes to okay, because the market does fluctuate, it’s not always a set price. But a lot of times when we’re talking both volumes, that’s a separate process where a lot of people get vetted for depending on the amount Okay, um, so We’re definitely looking and I know I sent you an email, we’re looking at setting up a program, where there is something that will be offered as far as anyone bringing business kind of our way on a bulk side of things. There’s a program that PEAVEY and SAMI will be working to put together I believe, unless it’s just you, SamI. Yeah, we’re excited about that. And a lot of that’s been stirred up. I know, you’ve been asking questions. So we’re definitely going to look at something where you guys can benefit from that. It’ll just be a separate, separate PROGRAM. So you’re very welcome. It’ll be exciting to so thanks. I know you’re gonna move bulk too

[LEAH] That’t the goal. Awesome. Yeah.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] [SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Bill says he’s been using the oil as a topical for I don’t even know how to say this word for basal in squamous. squamous. How do you say that word? Anyway, so between cancers, You Sorry, I’m like, I had no idea how to say that word. But thank you for testing me. They’re using the full spectrum 1500 couple of drops on each problems problem spot. So that’s awesome. Keep swelling under control, no swings. That’s great.

Okay, so before we wrap this up, are there any other final questions, thought feedback, thoughts or feedback? Any other? Uh oh. Sanford has a question. Are you? Were you raising your hand?

[RYAN SANFORD] No, I would just say I notice Brooke, Nicole’s daughter. Oh, just saying hi.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Okay, Leah’s got another question. Hold on.

[LEAH] I didn’t know what time in the morning. Does that go on sale?

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] So Excel should be as soon as you wake up in the morning. I mean, I think we’ve got everything set to flip over around 1am our time, but so that would be three p 3am. My time central time.


Yeah, so as soon when you wake up, it should be good to go.

[LEAH] Well, I’m working on things tonight for tomorrow. I mean, I’ve been working, I just needed the graphics and putting it together. So thank you. Thank you so much.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Okay, and Deb has a question about potential terpenes good for pain. And here’s another word that I don’t know how to say. Myrcene

Okay, thank you. Should I know what that is?

[RYAN ATAGI] Terpene, it’s a terpene.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Okay, I’m sorry. Should I know what that is?

[BRIAN PEAVEY] If it ends in ene it’s usually a terpene.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] okay. Well, that would make sense.

And we don’t have Smalley do we.

[RYAN ATAGI] I know he did have to take off he told me to tell you guys all that. You had to get right after so goodbye, farewell but he will see you next time.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Okay, Deb, I will write down your question. And I will make sure to get an answer from Smalley and get that over to If you want to message me or email if I don’t have it already. Awesome.

Well, I just want to say thank you again to everybody for coming. This is the best turnout we’ve had yet. And amazing questions from everybody. So hopefully this was helpful for all of you. And again, we’re trying to do these every two weeks, so we’ll be pushing out when the next date will be. So also, please let us know if this is a good time of day if during the week works well, like we want to make sure we can hit all of you and and your feedback is important on this on the product on all of it. Because we definitely take all of you into consideration as we develop product lines and pull things together. So okay, yep. Thanks, Julia. Appreciate it. Thank you, Bill.

[RYAN SANFORD] What was it? What was the question that was asked about the terpenes to help with pain? Which one is good for what it was? Yeah,

I know, just off Uh, speaking with Smalley three of them, the one that was brought up, myrcene limonene and lianool, I know that those three have been super beneficial and helping they’re also anti inflammatory, which also, obviously when you have pain issues, that’s common. So those are your three good ones to look out for.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Awesome. Thanks, Ryan. Well, I hope everybody has a great evening we will we did record this so we will send this out to all of you and put it on our Facebook page so you can watch the replay or share with anybody that you think might find value. And, and we appreciate you all.

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