Live Q&A’s are fun for our team. We love being able to share our knowledge and insights into the world of hemp and CBD. We are also grateful that you let us share what we’re up to and how things are going on our farm and with our team.

In this episode we discussed:

  • CBD and your pets.
  • Is it safe for kids and how to start dosing.
  • Why you might want to make your own products with syringes.
  • CBD for pain.

And more!

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Full Transcript 

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] So welcome, everybody to our live q&a are hang today. We’re so thankful that you guys are here that you’re taking time out of your day to join us. And just to kind of throw out there Smalley had something last minute come up. So unfortunately, he’s not going to be able to join us here today. But we have the questions you guys have asked, we’ve got the rest of our team here to answer things Sanford, can give us a greenhouse tour. So we’re going to get all your questions answered. And if there’s anything that we want more feedback from him on, I will take all of those notes and we will get back to you one on one with those specific answers. 

[RYAN SANFORD] I would love I would love to give a greenhouse to read but I am attached to a computer. 

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Oh, you’re attached to a computer. Well, yeah, well, we can at least get an update on. Sure. Yeah, but let me before we jump into that, let me kind of lay some ground rules. My name is Sami. I’m the Marketing Director here at Freedom CBD and Freedom Hemp Co. So I will be your moderator today as with all of the events and live q&a that we have, I will let our team that’s here introduce themselves here in a second, we’re going to ask that those that are not on the Freedom team to mute themselves just so that those watching the replay can have kind of make sure they can hear things clearly. If you have questions, pop them in the chat, or raise your hand which is an option depending on if you’re on your phone or computer that’s an option. Or if you don’t want to ask your question publicly, you can always private message me, and I can get those questions in line for you. Um, but with that, why don’t we start with Atagi. You’re the closest to me in the grid. So why don’t you introduce yourself to everybody?

[RYAN ATAGI] Hi guys, I’m Ryan Atagi. I’m the lab manager for Freedom CBD. I’m the guy helping to make all the products for you guys out there. Really appreciate everybody’s support, buying our stuff and really getting lots of positive feedback. So thank you all very much.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] And then Sanford, you’re next. Yeah.

[RYAN SANFORD] A couple different things that you know, I’ve done in the past customer service, retail and everything, but now I am taking, learning to take over a lot of the greenhouse work for Smalley. And we’ve got a lot going on in here. And yeah, so it’s kind of exciting times, especially since we’re just about to get ready to plant in a few weeks.


[BRIAN PEAVEY] Yeah. I’m Brian Peavey, I’m the Managing Director of Freedom CBD and Freedom Hemp Co and all those. I’ve got some nicknames lately that I’m Builder Bob. I’m not sure how that happened. But yeah, I throw that in the mix.

[RYAN SANFORD] You were just on the tractor five minutes ago.

[BRIAN PEAVEY] Well, that’s true. I can’t build a thing but I typically work with doing sales and back end bookkeeping in tracking expenses.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Well I like the Builder Bob name because there’s too many Brian and Ryan’s right now so that would help keep things you know. separated.

[BRIAN PEAVEY] Isn’t that the truth? 

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Yeah. Awesome.  

Well welcome everybody now that you know our team, you know, again, the chat is there if you guys have questions, but let’s kick it off with you Sanford. I know there’s been a ton of work happening in the greenhouses. We’re getting ready to get plants in the ground. You know, we had a crazy storm that came through this week there’s been a lot going on so why don’t you guys kind of give us the rundown 

[RYAN SANFORD] You know, let’s start off with that storm. That was a crazy storm. We had a pretty steadily to like 85 mile per hour gusts here for a while. Did a little bit of damage, but nothing that we didn’t all group together the next morning and patch up and everything was good. So other than that, yeah, we’ve got a lot going on. 

In our cloning operation, a lot of people who do other jobs such as Building Builder, Bob, and you know, our lab manager. Everyone’s kind of teamed up and been out here helping to take ads getting the cloning done. Our fields currently getting disced right now looking really, really nice. But yeah, we’ve got some beautiful mother plans, we just put a whole bunch of seeds and some tries to help with the acreage planning to. So that’s kind of exciting. But everything’s running smooth. I wish I could give you a tour. But like I said, I’m attached to the computer at the desk. So yeah, I mean, it’s going well, we’re excited. We’re a few weeks out from planning and we’re aiming for the 15th and everything will be solid in the ground. Clones will look good and they’re ready to go. So they’ll start start growing quick and rapidly. We’ll have a nice field here before long, pictures coming.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Yeah, and if you don’t follow Freedom Hemp Co’s Facebook page make sure you do because we will be sharing progress. along the way and, and all of that good stuff on the Facebook page. Yeah. 

Okay, so should we jump into questions? So we have a few questions specifically to CBD in pets and so one of those questions is why should we not just give our pets the same CBD that we take? Or could we?

[RYAN ATAGI] The formulation that we do for our pet CBD tinctures the CBD contents lower so your animals are going to be a lot smaller than the human beings so they’re the dogs and the cats so we try to target towards they don’t require as much CBD. The and the other question I think that was asked quite a bit is can we is the pet CBD tincture the same as the human as far as the formulation and we use the same organic MCT oil in the same distillate that we use for the human tinctures so if you ran out of your human tinctures, you could eat your pet tinctures too, if you wanted to.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] That’s bacon flavored. If you have want.

[RYAN SANFORD] Bacon, bacon, bacon! 

[RYAN ATAGI] That’s like Sanford’s favorite eats every morning.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Oh my gosh, in our household, we call it my son calls it smooth. He wants to have non crispy bacon.

[RYAN ATAGI] That sounds gross.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] I know.  know. But we also eat turkey bacon. So it’s a whole different thing. But anyway.

I know. I know. Don’t judge me. It’s okay.

Okay, so then when it comes to dosing pets, because I know like with different animals, they metabolize the CBD also differently than humans. So that’s part of the difference in the concentration but dosing for the pet tincture would be the same as dosing for the human if you’re using our dropper with those appropriate bottles, right?

[RYAN ATAGI]  Yeah, correct. Depending on your animal size, you want to titrate them, which means you want to slowly add the amount of CBD oil that you’re giving your animals. So you usually want to start small, start with the lowest dose, and then give that to your animal every day, twice a day, if necessary, depending on what symptoms you’re trying to treat or to help with. And then you can figure out what that dosing rate is with him.

[RYAN SANFORD] I can give an example of our dog to that since Atagi you put together the pet tincture. We’ve been given that to our dog, she loves it. She’s 13, she swells up. You know she’s at that age she gets little lumps and stuff so she was getting a lot of joint pains where her arms or her legs will just kind of shake and not moving as quick and I swear we started her off, we do it twice a day like you said Atagi. And we do actually 25 milligrams in the morning and 25 milligrams in the evening. And it is seriously not all days, but most days she is like a puppy. I mean, she’s active, the shaking has gone down the swelling around her hips and stuff from that. It’s really it’s really made a huge difference. So

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] And is that? Is that the full spectrum or the broad spectrum?

[RYAN SANFORD] Yep, it’s the full.

[RYAN ATAGI] Okay. It’s at 0.25 milligrams. You’re not giving her 25 mg.

[RYAN SANFORD] Yeah, quarter dropper. Correct. Yeah. Yeah.

[RYAN ATAGI] 25 would be the whole bottle. That’s

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Yea at 25 mg she’d be out of it for a while.

[BRIAN PEAVEY]  Thank you for the clarification Mr. Atagi 

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Yeah, just make sure. Yeah. And so we have so we have a full spectrum pet product. And then that is unflavored and we have a broad spectrum product that is bacon flavored. And can you talk to us a little bit Ryan about where that bake like, Are you talking about that bacon flavor is is artificial? Is it real bacon? Like what what is that?

[RYAN ATAGI] The where I get it from it’s a natural distilled flavor for bacon. I’m not sure the process exactly how they make it. But it’s it’s a it’s a brand and it’ aan ingredient that we’ve I’ve used in the past with when I worked for the brewing industry, so we really like it and it works really well. And it’s a nice clean flavor. And it tastes good.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Yeah, so we’re curious, yea.  So beer flavored bacon flavor, bacon flavor. Yeah.

I don’t know how I feel about that.

And we’d love to know because we are expanding our pet line. So if you guys have pets that have a very specific flavor that they will you know, we’re playing with maybe coming out with a peanut butter flavored product, but we’d love to hear if you can pop them in the chat, let us know what other flavors of pet products would be beneficial to your pups or your kitties. Because, you know, we’re, we’re open to suggestion. 

Um, okay, so then the last question kind of that we were going to talk about on the pet side is, you know, full spectrum versus broad spectrum. You know, where should people maybe start or what types of reasons would they want to use one or the other.

[RYAN ATAGI] Some of the things that that I’ve found and looked up as the THC full spectrum, pet tinctures is going to help more with anxiety.

Pets that have that that they don’t like to be away from their owners that will help quite a bit with that a calm them down help with sleep, those kind of things. If they’re dealing with pain, it also will help immediately with that. The broad spectrum if you have an animal that that shows signs of having a THC sensitivity such as they get really tired or they they do the get really lethargic and things then you want to try the broad spectrum. So again, you have to try and see what works best for your pets.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Awesome. And I just want to clarify one thing about the bacon. The question I’m getting is because it’s from a vegan family the bacon flavor is not vegan, correct?

[RYAN ATAGI] I don’t know it’s a distilled bacon. It’s Bacon bits in there still I don’t know it’s it’s mostly distilling the essential oil from it. I mean, it’s not it’s not bacon at that point. It’s just the aroma.

[MARTY] Can I pipe in about an animal?

I have an inappropriate teen cat I’ve had, okay, he’s very old. But two years ago I started my CBD. Night and day difference. But what I do for him is I just put a drop on a cat treat. So I don’t buy cat treats. So he basically gets three ml, three drops in the morning and three drops in the evening, just like six milligrams and he weighs, probably 10 pounds. And he tolerates it. Fabulous, and it’s made a huge difference in my life, since he’s not peeing anymore, but it’s just, that’s another method of delivery. I think that it’s beneficial that you can do that with a dog or dogs usually will just, of course, take it out of your hand or eat it on whatever they have. But for cats, they’re so picky that it’s really helps to get it in Him every day. He looks forward to those treats.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Nice. And I was gonna say something about that and I lost it. So do you think Marty since you were there the flavoring like do you think that it would be beneficial for us to create separate flavoring for dogs versus cats since cats are pickier or is it working just fine for you the way you’re doing it.

[MARTY] For me is fine. You know you know every cats different right they’re just a little assholes they want one you may you know one that works for one may not work for another but you know they like the fish and the chicken. I don’t think my cats ever like I guess they’re not real picky eaters, you know? Maybe like a fish flavor. Good for and that would. That would kind of clue in your customer base to that we’re dealing not only with dogs, but with cats.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Tuna flavor Atagi, you you’re going to have a tuna flavor lab pretty soon.

[RYAN ATAGI] The thought of having a tuna extracts in the lab just sounds terrible.

Yeah, we’ll try

[RYAN SANFORD] Dare I say that I love tuna patties then is that wrong?

[RYAN ATAGI] Yeah. Tuna patties are delicious.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN]  We have to build you a little like shack off the side for your tuna extractor,

[RYAN ATAGI] Yea I think so.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Okay. Okay, um, so we’re going to switch gears a little bit and go towards another conversation that’s come up a few times. And we did just put out an amazing blog post. If you guys haven’t listened to it. Sanford had the opportunity to interview Jessica Robinson, who has three year old Rowdy who was born with several genetic issues and one of them being seizures, which is kind of what led her to trying CBD for him. So definitely check that out. It’s a great interview that Sanford did. But one of the questions that comes up for us a lot is, is CBD safe for kids? And I know that’s a very broad statement, but I’m just gonna start there with that conversation like is CBD safe for kids? Any thoughts?

[RYAN ATAGI] Yeah, absolutely. You know, it’s it’s the same. Same thing though you have to make sure you’re you’re figuring out the dosage for your child and use your best judgment and work with that, you know, and see how it works as slowly you add oil to their regimen. 

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] So I know Smalley recommends for kids starting with the broad spectrum, seeing how they do with that before moving to the full spectrum. And then mentioning that the dosing that we suggest is for adults, right, so do you have a recommended dosing to start with for kids?

[RYAN ATAGI] You want to start with the lowest dose possible. It’s like that quarter mil .25 mils. That’s what you want to start with.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Yep. And then great to mix with the any beverages so that it doesn’t 

[RYAN ATAGI] Beverage, anything sublingually it’s gonna they’re gonna adjust it the quickest, just like they do what we recommend on the bottle, but it helps you know, if they don’t like the flavor, you could add it to juice or whatever they’re taking in the morning in the evenings and just figure out the regimen, how it works. 

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] And then we do have flavored full spectrum opportunities if that’s an easier take for your kids. And then we are coming out with some seasonal releases of a flavored broad spectrum, right?

[RYAN ATAGI] Yep, we’re gonna have a pina colada tincture, just because it sounds like fun to make. And then we’re also gonna have a lavender. On the beach with your tincture bottle. So we’re gonna have quite a selection.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Yeah, and sometimes those flavors will be easier for folks for folks to take, which I love. And so again, on the on the tincture side, if there’s flavors of things you guys want to try, let us know because we’re going to start coming up with some seasonal releases to just test out and see how that works for people, so yeah, if you want to be on a beach with Stanford and have your pina colada CBD. 

[RYAN SANFORD] I’ll have some plants with me I promise.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] You’re not allowed to leave the greenhouse so you will have plants around you. 

[RYAN SANFORD] Right my beds back there. It’s in the other room here. Yeah,

[RYAN ATAGI] Show ‘em your bed. It’s back there in the corner.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Oh my goodness.

[RYAN SANFORD] 24/7 baby, 24/7.


[BRIAN PEAVEY] He can sleep in a bin.

[RYAN SANFORD] There you go. It looks like Peavey got the bed set up for me already.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] We know how to treat our employees right. Sleep in the greenhouse in a bin, I like it.

[BRIAN PEAVEY] Just the ones we really love. 


[RYAN SANFORD] At least I can open the top and enjoy the stars. You know, it is nice out here at night.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Oh my goodness.

[RYAN SANFORD] Look at Leah. She’s leaning back thinking I’d love to.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Yes, she probably would. Okay if anybody has any other questions about anything outside of pets and kiddos, please leave those in the chat otherwise I’m kind of the last question that was brought to us before today was about syringes. So why would I want to do my why would I want to buy a concentrated syringe versus just buying one of your or one of our pre made tinctures?

[RYAN ATAGI] It’s for the people that like to do the DIY stuff, you know, if you want to make your own ingredients, make your own stuff, you know, you can get that syringe and make all sorts of things with it. And for some people, they just like to take that straight high dosage you know, for a lot of people that are trying to treat certain ailments you need that really super super high dose. They can take it that way too. But um it’s it’s fun to make things with this. You know, this is this has been probably the funnest part of my job is trying to figure out all the cool different things you can make with the CBD oil. What works With and quite honestly, what it doesn’t work very well. But it works really well for a lot of things and it’s it’s cool to figure out how you can add it to your daily regimen, you know, so that’s why I would recommend getting the syringes. The tinctures are nice because they’re pre made. And we’ve already done all the work for you taking all the second guess, lab work out of it. And also so

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Well the other nice piece right is if you are allergic to the carrier oil that we use, which is MCT oil, coconut oil, or if there’s an ingredient in our product that doesn’t settle well with you, then you can kind of make your own right.

[BRIAN PEAVEY] You can make custom formulations depending on what you’re trying to combat against or trying to treat. Yeah, you can. You can do some custom formulations for yourself, or your particular needs that are displayed just for you. Yep.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Okay, so Marty I’m going to get to your question here in a second. But just staying on the syringes for a second, we are going to be doing a chat. Why am I echoing I’m going to mute Peavey.

We are doing another hang in two weeks. So we’re going to start doing these every other Thursday at 4:30. And in two weeks we are going to have Smalley here doing a demonstration of how he makes tinctures out of syringes. And, and so that’ll be really awesome. So he’ll walk everybody through how to do that we are working on the formulation or on the blog post that we have that talks about how to formulate your own tinctures and trying to put into a calculator in there for you so that you can get the right dose that you want. 

Agorey, I don’t know if I’m saying that right is saying, how is the syringe extracted? I’m not sure I fully understand exactly what you’re trying to get from that question. Does that make more sense to you Atagi?

[RYAN SANFORD] How do you get the the oil out of the syringe. 

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Yeah, that’s what I’m wondering. So if you can make some more clarification there, that would be awesome. 

And Michelle, I’m glad we are your first Zoom meeting. Welcome. We love to have newbies here. And and then we have another question about the 5 ml syringe. So can you explain the milligrams of the cannabinoids, as there are several members or several numbers on the package.

[RYAN ATAGI] So the numbers that are on the package equal to the sum of its 700. And I’m not sure the exact number we have right now, but if it’s 700 and there we are the broad spectrum. So if you look at that, it shows the total cannabinoid content so that 927 milligrams, it’s for every gram, you’re going to have 927 milligrams of CBD. So for every mil a mil and a gram is basically the same. So for every gram that you use, you’re going to get 927 milligrams of CBD Cool.

[GUEST] What’s the 1812 number on the back?

[RYAN ATAGI] That’s the total cannabinoids that are in that material. So if you added up the 927 with the other minor cannabinoids that are in there, that’s going to give you the total cannabinoid content of that syringe in the milligrams in the grams. Cool.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Okay, you got him. Okay, so then we got clarification from Arguery, and I’m sorry, Arguery, I’m sorry if I’m saying that wrong, asking if it’s if the syringes are processed with alcohol or anything else or something else.

[RYAN ATAGI] We do ethanol extraction on all of our products from the biomass, but then we run everything through remediation that removes all the ethanol from it. If you check out our lab reports on our material, it has no detectable limits or no detectable levels of any ethanol leftover and the lowest limit that the lab can test it at that’s basically the same as eating a ripe banana at that point, the amount of ethanol that you would be ingesting if there was any ethanol in there at all. So it’s none, naturally zero.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Okay. And while we’re talking about that is there do you want to talk a little bit about why ethanol versus co2 why we choose ethanol at our lab?

[RYAN ATAGI] Yeah, the ethanol is just a lot more efficient way to extract the plant material, and we do it at negative 50 degrees Celsius. So that helps us to remove anything in the processing and the first part of the soak of the material. co2 extractors have to use co2 then they use ethanol later on in the winterization process. And as we’re we’re winterizing everything in the extraction step. So we it’s just a lot more efficient way to extract the material.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Awesome. Sorry, I’m typing responses. Okay, if you learned anything from these hangs its thatI cannot type and talk at the same time. Okay, that’s awesome. 

Okay, so a couple of things that I want to you know, if you guys have more questions, please make sure you pop into the chat. But I do want to touch base on a couple of things that we’ve been, you know, sharing and talking about over the over the past few weeks. 

The main one being we did just announce the Eagle Compassion Program. So if you are a vet, if you have a chronic illness, if you have if you’re on disability, or if you’re low income, or if you’re a frontline worker, or I know it’s hard sometimes with hospitals and nurses, and you might have specific regulations regarding drug testing, but we have launched the Eagle Compassion Program which does give those that qualify 30% off for a year they have to reapply every year. So we want to make sure that that’s out there because we truly believe that access to CBD should not be a financial burden for people. So please share that with folks. Or if it’s something that makes sense for you, I’m going to pop the link in to the chat here. If I can find it, I lost it. 

Um, but that’s an amazing program that we’re excited to bring to you and something that’s very near and dear to Smiley’s heart, as well as all the rest of us on the team. So while I pop that into the chat, and 

We have another question, while another comment that says that the new CBG + CBD that we have is awesome and that it has a nice distinct flavor, so well done Atagi. We’ve been getting really good feedback from the CVG CBD one to one. And and the question is, is it grown by us or do we know the cultivars that are used?

[RYAN ATAGI]  That’d be a Smalley question. He handles all that stuff as we as we grow and as we develop our different pheno types.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Cool. So we’ll get back to you on That one because the CBG we did not grow ourselves this year.

[RYAN ATAGI] That would be a Smalley question as far as a plant material goes,

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Okay, perfect. Um there’s the 

[RYAN SANFORD] I can correct that it’s not that CBG of ours was grown say per se Freedom Hemp Co but it does come from Smalley and one of his other farms so it’s content but not Freedom Hemp Co  attached it will be this next year though. So

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Got it. Yes, cuz Smalley has his hands on all all of our genetics. Yep. Okay. Um, so yeah, are there any other things that are exciting happening around the farm that you guys want to share? I know plants are getting the fields getting ready and what else is happening out there?

[RYAN SANFORD] It’s awesome. I mean, all the field work that’s getting done. That’s always nice to see. It just looks clean and sharp pressure. It’s torn up. It’s beautiful out here. We We really do enjoy where we work. You guys see a lot of our scenic pictures it’s great you know a lot of us talking and some of the others have been coming in I think even PV you know, 4:30, 5:00 in the morning to start work early, so they get to see the beautiful sunrises, sunsets are awesome. Most days that you come down this farm turn around, you’ve got deer that are running across a field so it’s pretty special place to work. 

But other than that, yeah, the field just looking good. We’re getting ready to plant and everyone’s putting in overtime, working hard. I mean, it’s constant around here and to get this thing moving and spread the word more. So that’s kind of what I can tell you as far as a farm looks beautiful and we’re excited to get planting. whose dog is that? 

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] That’s my that’s my dog. I do. Yeah, I do need to get my dog some CBD because she like ever since we’ve all been home. Sorry not to interrupt you but since we’re all home, she’s like losing her mind over my husband like times like date stamping his invoices for his job. She has just been a nervous wreck, so I need to pick them up next time. I’m out there because she’s driving me nuts.

[RYAN SANFORD]  Duly noted, we’ll get some for you

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Overdose her so she passes out on THC. I’m just kidding anyway. 

Okay, wait, we have another question. I know this came up last week. And this is something that we’re working on but test data on the minor cannabinoids and terpenes.

[RYAN ATAGI] Sorry, repeat the question. Sami.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Do we have test data on minor cannabinoids in terpenes for our product? 

[RYAN ATAGI] Yeah,that’s on our, on most of our test results, we’re still working on getting all of our products resampled and retested so we can have the terpene results on everything but for now, what we have on the test results will show the minor cannabinoids they’re listed on the left hand side of the COA if you look at the COA, and then we’ll soon enough we’ll have the terpene analysis done on all of our products as well.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Yeah, and we will definitely let everybody know if you’re on our email list if you’re on social media that will let people know when those terpene test results are popped up. So you can take a look at those. We’re also working at kind of creating a list of all the terpenes and kind of what they’re what they tend to benefit more than others. So, keep a lookout for that. And okay, in the coming weeks.

[RYAN SANFORD] I’m gonna interject real quick. I just noticed Jody Tate is on here. And when we started this meeting off, you brought up the story Rowdy. Jody is one of our affiliates, and she is out there spreading around the world getting CBD to people. And that’s actually where we got in contact with Jessica and Rowdy. So I’m not even sure if you said that. Sami, you may have but Jodi I just saw you pop up so just wanted to say thank you. And it was a lot of fun to get to visit with them. And it was a great, great story to share. So thanks and good job.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Jodi and I talked earlier in our weekly affiliate call. So I’ve seen her face a lot today, which is awesome. 

So should we talk a minute about our affiliate program. So for those of you that are here, and those of you that show up every couple of weeks, we know that you’re here to learn, we know that you’re here to try our product, or you are customers of ours, and you’re fans of ours. And so we do have an affiliate program that gives you 20% commission for those that you send our way. So if you’re interested in that, I will also pop that into the chat. But it’s super easy. We don’t have minimums that you don’t have to like sell certain amount every month to stay active. It’s just a great way for you to get a little extra money for the people you’re already sending our way. And Atagi. I see you mentioned Marty, so thank you for doing that because I forgot about her question. I lost it up here. I’m asking about can the so we have a new muscle rub that just came out. If people aren’t aware, and so she’s asking if it can come without the pepper menthol and in lavender. So Atagi do you want to maybe talk about the, the essential oil little mini roller balls that we have coming out.

[RYAN ATAGI] Yeah, we’re actually coming out with a little essential oil, little 10 mil bottle you can keep with you at all times. And it’s one of the, the essential oils we’re using and there is going to be lavender.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] So we’re gonna have three different formulations. Right?

[RYAN ATAGI] One for like energy, one for focus, and one for sleep. Those are the three we’re

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] And the and the way to use these rollerballs is, is what like what’s the purpose of them?

[RYAN ATAGI] You put them on your temple or on your wrist? Just the basically the same way using essential oil for your neck.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Yeah, so the muscle rub is great for pain. So I wish I had mine here because it’s in my bathroom. And it does have a cooling sensation. But I have to tell you, I use it almost at least once a day on my neck and shoulders because I work at a desk all day. My husband stained the fence for like three days straight and used it on his lower back. It’s amazing, like one time during the day and it works all day. So hats off to you Atagi for the formulation on that one. It’s great. Yeah. And they just started shipping out. So definitely want to try it. We got to get some over to your guys in the greenhouse Sanford.

[RYAN SANFORD] Yeah, that’s true. Well, like Atagi said he wanted to make sure when we have the sale that you know customers were taken care of, and I believe he plans to bring some over so we’re waiting buddy.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Oh my goodness. Okay. Well, again, I apologize that we don’t have Smalley here today but as you know the farm comes first and we have to make sure that the plants and all of that good stuff is taken care of. So

[RYAN SANFORD] I did get, I did get on a hot spot on my phone so I can try to walk us over to that greenhouse and show you guys, but let’s do it at the end.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] We’ve gotten through all the questions. So now would be a good time, a good time to kind of take people on a little bit of a tour and if we lose you, then we lose you. 

[RYAN SANFORD] Yes, let me open last year at  least here the computer plugged in so it’s charging. 

So I’m trying to give you a quick example over here is a lot of all the seeds that we got done this morning will be germinating those, this is just one of our three kind of clone rooms back there. We keep that door kind of closed to keep it warm, humid. They survive better in there until they get rooted. When they get rooted. They’ll come out to this stage, or we will move them into greenhouse three which I’ll show you where some are.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] We have a cool video that we’ll share on social tomorrow of our seed machine putting all those seeds in those trays.

[RYAN SANFORD] Yeah, yeah it’s pretty cool. Give you a little view of the field out here. Am I breaking up for you guys see. Right on! you can.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] I said he was good and we lost him.

[RYAN SANFORD] House three walls have been put up. Did you miss it? 

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] That’s all builder Bob.

[RYAN SANFORD] The Builder Bob crew put up our greenhouse three built a little road but fields looking good. See where it’s just over on that half and he’ll be back working to finish the rest. So let’s go and greenhouse three. 

A lot of these plants we’ve been taking cuts off for cloning, right? So just kind of give you guys an example.

These are exciting genetics here that we really love and one of them but you can tell by these plants a lot of these have been cut back, trimmed down, which is all for the cuttings.

You guys see this all right?



Those are all one gallons. We’ve been taking a bunch of cuttings off, they’ll go out out into the field. A lot of these will. Some we’ll be keeping for phenyo hunting for good trades, good genetics. We’ll just move them into the field and move on to the next greenhouse operation more plants. More this more than so.

Then over here, greenhouse two. We got some monsters in here. And if you can believe it or not, they just got topped a lot of them. Some of them are like 12 feet. Kind of get an idea.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] How tall are you?

[RYAN SANFORD] Six foot six, six foot. 5’ 10”,  5’ 11”

[BRIAN PAVEY] What kind of new math are you running?

[RYAN SANFORD] I couldn’t really hear you maybe it was a good thing, huh? 

 Anyways, I mean these are you know, and like I said, I come in here and trim these up so they’re smaller. When we put them in the field, these things are just gonna be huge, huge plants. So anyways, that’s kind of it.

Takes a lot of work we got Doug too on our crew who does about nine to 11 hours worth of watering each day right now, just to keep these healthy and everybody’s got a job or multiple jobs are busy doing so. Anyways, that’s kind of it. So happy plants happy field. It’s almost go time. Yeah.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] So you said about two weeks and we’ll start putting the plants in the ground.

[RYAN SANFORD] Yeah, two to three weeks. Getting those in the ground. 

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Yeah. And then how, how long are they in the ground windows harvesting start.

[RYAN SANFORD] So typically, you know, you want to get at least three months in but it all kind of varies towards the end with the temperature, kind of the weather, you know if we can stretch it longer and produce better flower, and some other things that we’ll be doing to will stretch it. Until the flowers show that they are done and ready. You know your hairs turn the amber color and everything’s ready to be shut down. So awesome. Yeah. Yeah.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Michelle says we’re amazing. Michelle, we think you’re amazing. Yeah.

Awesome. Thank you for taking us on that tour.

[RYAN SANFORD] Yeah, I’m actually glad I got the hotspot to work out on the phone. Right. So,

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Okay, so Leah saying, Please have a fragrance free option and nut free option for products. So yes, Leah, that’s definitely something we’re taking into consideration for future product lines, especially some beauty products that we have on the horizon. I’ll just drop that teaser there. Anything you want to add about that Atagi?

[RYAN ATAGI] We are going to have that soon.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] We are listening. We’ll say that.

Well, anybody else has any last questions now your time otherwise, we are going to wrap this up for the night and let everybody kind of get on with their, with their day. 

And like I said, we are going to be having our next live q&a on I almost said March. Goodness, June 18, Thursday, June 18. Same time same, we’ll send out the link. And that will be the syringe demo. Where Smalley will be putting tinctures together live in front of everybody and kind of walking through what that looks like. And we will definitely have a couple surprises that day as well. So make sure you show up. I’m sorry, we had big announcements two weeks ago. Didn’t have any big announcements today. But we have some big announcements next time. So thank you all for showing up. Thank you to the team for showing up and being awesome. As always. 

Oh, Michelle, you have your hand raised. Do you have another Oh, Okay, sorry, question. She has a best option for pain relief. So besides the muscle rub which tincture would you or which product would you recommend for pain relief?

[RYAN ATAGI] Um, it kind of depends again on like your your individual symptoms and what’s going on what’s causing the pain. The muscle rub definitely is going to help with any kind of muscle soreness, any problems like that, but if you’re looking for it depends on what kind of pain you’re looking at it really you know,

[MICHELLE] Can you hear me?

[RYAN ATAGI] Yeah. Hi, Michelle.

[MICHELLE] Oh my gosh. Okay, sorry.

Pancreatic pain. I have a lot of pancreatitis, pain, gastrointestinal issues, kidney issues, etc, etc, etc. I’ve been playing around. Lori, Lori has been amazing at helping me. But I was just curious. I haven’t I haven’t actually ordered from Freedom yet directly, but I’m looking, I want to where would you start? Where would you start.

[RYAN ATAGI] CBG that one, the one that we do the CBD CBG is going to help with that. That’s the CBG has actually been shown to help with gastrointestinal problems, pain and those types of things. So I would start there.

[MICHELLE] Okay, that sounds perfect. That’s what I was thinking was the CBG Thank you so much. I know you guys are ready to get out of the show. 

[FREEDOM TEAM] No worries. No worries.

[MICHELLE] Oh, you’re amazing. I’m going to go ahead and mute myself now. CBG I will be looking for that. Thank you so much that that program that y’all have for people on disability, guys, you guys just rock you’re awesome. Thank you.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] No, thank you. Thank you, um, is which a topical or tincture so the muscle rub, the muscle rub is a topical, it’s a rollerball. But the CBG is a tincture if that’s what you’re asking.

[RYAN ATAGI] Yeah, the thing if you actually look at our COAs on most of our products, especially our syringes, they have a high level of CBG in them already so you you’ll get some CBG most of our products. We have the full spectrum you’re going to get a lot of different types of cannabinoids in there, but CBG + CBD is a lot more than normal.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Yeah, and one other question that we get a lot of is that other secondary cannabinoids like CBN? Are we coming out with other product lines? And the answer to that is, yes.

[RYAN ATAGI] It’s coming.


[BRIAN PEAVEY] Yeah, one step at a time. Yeah, one step at a time.

[RYAN ATAGI] Lots of great things slowly and surely. Yes.

[BRIAN PEAVEY] We got to make sure that we got to make sure they’re great before we roll around. That’s why we don’t have a million products like a lot of people because they just don’t have great products across the board. So that’s why we do that.

[RYAN ATAGI] We put a lot of fun. He’s one of the products we make. So it’s a little slower process than most people’s for sure.


Okay, I’m gonna look for any other people raising their hands anybody else with questions? Otherwise Thank you all so much. If you loved this, make sure you share the next one with your friends and family so they can join us and we’ll get replays up and full. We are now doing full transcripts for these. So we’ll have all of that up to you guys, you know within the week Anything else from the crew.

[BRIAN PEAVEY] We should dye Atagi’s mustache just looking at it right now. It definitely needs to be dyed.

[RYAN ATAGI] My mustache.My beard is getting kinda grey. I know. Man.

[RYAN SANFORD] I know you used to have a big beard. I used to have hair though, too you know,

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Michelle says it’s beer 30.

[RYAN ATAGI] Yeah, Cheers to that.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Sanford, did you have any final words that you wanted to share?

[RYAN SANFORD] Yeah, I did want to say this and I will probably always say this at some point, but like I said, we’re always looking for testimonials, that’s the best thing to get out. So if there’s anyone new who is on here, if you’ve had any good experiences with CBD, or anyone that you know, have that is a story worth sharing, such as you know, Rowdy’s, we’re always looking for that. It’s the best way to kind of get it out there as we’re waiting on FDA and everything to you know, give some more approval and whatnot. So, yeah, reach out to Sami, myself, PV, Atagi any of us, you know, we’re looking for testimonials. So, awesome.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Well, thank you, everybody. Enjoy your night and we’ll see you in two weeks. We’ll we’ll see you in social and everything else after but between that but we’ll see you guys here live in a couple of weeks.

[RYAN SANFORD] Thanks, everyone. Take care everyone. 

[RYAN ATAGI] Take care. Cheers.

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