Q&A 7.9.20

CBD, CBD and Pets, Q&A

Live Q&A’s are fun for our team. We love being able to share our knowledge and insights into the world of hemp and CBD. We are also grateful that you let us share what we’re up to and how things are going on our farm and with our team.

In this episode we discussed:

  • our seed genetics and how we get everything prepped for planting.
  • what life is like for our team now that planting is done.
  • CBD and your pets, what’s the best product for them.
  • can you test positive for a urine analysis test if you use full spectrum topicals?

and more!

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Full Transcript


[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Hello, everybody, welcome to our live q&a. Sorry if I just glitched out in your ears or maybe that was just mine. Sami here, Marketing Director for Freedom CBD and the moderator for these lovely q&as. So thank you for letting me do that. They’re super fun. Um, so I’m gonna let the team introduce themselves. So we can give a couple people a second to pop in here and then we’ll go over my favorite rule spiel and then we’ll hop into the questions. So Sanford, you’re closest to me.

[RYAN SANFORD] Cool, right on. How’s it going, everybody? I’m currently right now I’m working on managing the farm, taking that over learning lots day in and day out from Smalley and the crew. And yeah, that’s kind of what we’re doing. We got some exciting things coming up. We’ve got the fields and the plants, Atagi and a crew got a lot of that today aside from their other jobs, so that’s pretty cool. But yeah, we got exciting things coming. No, and that’s kind of what I do right now. 

[RYAN ATAGI] Guys, I’m Ryan Atagi. I’m the Lab Manager for Freedom CBD. And like Sanford said we get to do all sorts of fun stuff around here so we did a lot of planting today and then I jumped in the lab later in the day and did some tincture filling did some more vanilla tincture filling for you guys and so really busy all the time for fun.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Awesome. Smalley. I renamed you so you weren’t Ryan Sanford.

[BRIAN SMALLEY] Oh, that’s well, that’s nice. Thank you. Nothing wrong with Ryan Sanford. But he’s doing a good job.

Basics. Most of you probably know me already. Brian Smalley been growing a long time formulating making oils, doing all sorts of cool things to help people extend their lives make their lives more pleasurable, better, easier to manage. Yeah, very, very, very busy this time of year. It’s kind of cool. We take a little hour break to get this talk going on and, you know answer some questions. But yeah, we got a lot going on our greenhouses are a few plants I can tell but I’m I’m six feet and the plants are a little taller. And I mean you keep going it’s like a jungle in here planning to actually hold on see.


[BRIAN SMALLEY] But yeah, I mean plants are massive, healthy, like I’m down below him so I can tell the height of a lot of this stuff but yeah, we’re just growing we’re perfecting our soil blend we’re perfecting our nutrient blend. All plants like different things and so each variety that we have we treat a little bit differently. And yeah, that’s it busy making some cool stuff. We have phenomenal products. And yeah, our plants all starts with the plants. And they’re great.

[RYAN SANFORD] Looks fun over there.

[BRIAN SMALLEY] I know, I’m in the jungle now.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Do you ever just go in there and take a nap in the afternoon and people just Can’t find you?

[BRIAN SMALLEY] No, of course not. 

[RYAN ATAGI] You’re giving away hiding spots.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Peavey, Do you want to say hi? Introduce yourself?

[BRIAN PEAVEY] Yeah, sure.

Yep. I’m Brian Peavey, I’m the Managing Member here at the company. And with the companies, I guess I get a chance to work with all the investors and I get a chance to work with the marketing department. I get to work with the greenhouse crew, the lab crew, I get to work with everybody. So yeah, it’s kind of a team effort around here, as you can tell from everybody seemed to help with everything. Yeah.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Very true. Cool. Well, welcome, everybody. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to be here with us and learn more from our team. Thank you for choosing Freedom CBD, we know you have a lot of options. So we definitely don’t take that lightly. And if you have any questions, please pop them in the chat. And you can send them to me privately if you want to do it that way as well. 

We do have a handful of questions that we’re sending prior that we’re going to run through first, but then we can answer any other questions that you guys have or anything comes up along the way. And then we’ll also kind of do a little behind the scenes. While you saw a little bit about the greenhouse, I don’t know if we’ll be able to get you out to the farm or they’ve been planting today or not, you guys will have to let me know. But yeah, thank you for being here. 

So with that, um, should we start with one of the questions we’ve been getting lately now that we have a few more topicals is, does the full spectrum the THC from the full spectrum come, like absorbed through your skin into your bloodstream? Could it cause you to fail a urine test? 

[BRIAN SMALLEY]  Do you want me to take that one anybody else or you want me to? 

[RYAN ATAGI] Go ahead, Brian.

[BRIAN SMALLEY] All right. Um, no, you can’t pop a blood test from a topical topicals your skin is a really good barrier to protect all the organs of your body. And it also is sort of a barrier between cannabinoids in your body in your bloodstream anyways, but the cannabinoids will absorb into the cells of your skin and give them benefits but they will not hit your bloodstream. Unless you say added something like DMSO or some form of carrier that will actually get through the skin and into your bloodstream. But no, I’ve never heard of someone pop, dirty test from a topical and I know some people like master Atagi there who applies a lot topically very regularly. And so he’s never popped. So no, you absolutely cannot. 

So those high THC topicals Well, hold on a sec. Let’s go back and have a second. Um, it depends on where you put the topicals if you say it’s a, it’s a lubricant as a topical. You’re sort of bypassing the dermis into a membrane, then it is possible, but rubbing it on your arm rubbing on your legs running on your feet. That will not happen.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] So our muscle rubs and our little mini roller balls. should be solid, 

[BRIAN SMALLEY] As long as you rub them in the right places. Yes. That’s true.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] I like the disclaimer. All right. Anything else you want to add to that Atagi?

[RYAN ATAGI] Um, no.

[BRIAN SMALLEY] Okay. I didn’t ask the question. I just give the answers.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] I appreciate it. Okay, so let’s talk a little bit about the planting side of things. And we had a question about our genetics that we use, what makes them special, what makes them unique? I know, you know, what can you share about our formulations? 

[BRIAN SMALLEY] Actually, there’s a lot of really good genetics out there. Um, how we differentiate our genetics is we have specific ground that we farm every year that we amend every year in order to get the perfect soil because as you see, like if you look at some of these plants, I have a very good one here. I’ve got an eight foot plant like this one, and let me see it. Like that plant right there is about eight feet tall. And it’s in about three and a half gallons of soil. And it’s been in that pot for about three and a half months. And if you look at like the health and the vigor and everything like nice and green and healthy, that is not typical. 

So everything starts with the soil. So as we build our genetics, we build our genetics for the soil that we own and release. And it helps us produce a higher quality product. With less work, I guess we do more of the work on the front end, because not all hemp is created equal and not all soil is created equally. So one of the things we do is that we breed genetics that like a certain type of soil, a certain climate, a certain humidity, a certain temperature, a certain moisture content. And it makes growing easier for us. We do the work ahead of time, put them in the field. And then it’s the less is more philosophy once we get them in the field because we’ve developed genetics specifically for our ground, and climates. It just makes things a lot easier for us. 

We also breed for terpene profiles we like or cannabinoid content We like minors, we like them flavonoids. So we go into our genetic library and we find all the things that we like like we’re pheyno hunting right now, on this greenhouse I’m sitting in has 800-900 12-13 foot tall plants. And as I walked through here, I’ll be rubbing up against plants, I’ll get a flavor explosion in my nose, terps for days, and these plants don’t have flower on them. So when that happens, you know, we’ll put it off to the side and then we come and we take some cuttings off that plant. Then we take a test and we test our leaves and find out what our ratio is CBD to THC, and that’s how we decide to bring into our breeding program or not. 

And then it’s about production. Is it productive is it really high quality, it doesn’t produce much. If that’s the case, we put it off to the side again, because that one we like the quality but we need to breed up the production scale of it because I don’t want to plant that will produce a quarter pound. When I have plants that’ll produce six pounds. If the quarter pounds fantastic and amazing. That’s great now, but we’re a commercial company on large scale. So I’m going to skip the boutique. And I’m going to breed that to somewhere in the middle with one of our heavier producers that might have a little bit less of a nose less of a terpene profile to it to get to a really good place where our production matches quality.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] And how many? I don’t think so, how many genetics are you actively working with, currently? And how, right now are gonna go in the field.

[BRIAN SMALLEY] Right now it’s about 18. And we’re gonna put about 10 in the field. The other eight aren’t quite ready yet. We’ll do a couple more trials on those and make sure we have stability before we put them out there because, yeah, I’m too old to go hunting down males and hermaphrodites and all those things.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] And how long has it taken you to develop the 10 that you like so far?

[BRIAN SMALLEY] 12-14 years, maybe something like that. When the base genetics are 20 years old, we have a base genetic for a lot of our genetics, where it’s one plant where it’s phenomenal. The pollen draw from this plant is amazing. It’s high yielding. It’s compliant. It’s high CBD content. It’s it doesn’t like mold and mildew. I mean, it’s, it’s a really, really good plant. And so generally, it is so strong in the breeding program that it overpowers most of the newer genetics that are out there that people are Oh, these are fantastic. We take old school, put it over the top of it, and we can get a couple of the new school traits, but most of the old school traits take over. So we get variety, without instability. Cool.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] If anybody else has questions about genetics or anything, go ahead and pop them in the chat. Can we do we have anybody that can show the field or are we kind of all

[BRIAN SMALLEY] It’s windier than heck out of there.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Well, we did post a video on Freedom Hemp Co’s social about the boys in the back of the tractor photo credit to Brian Peavy. And so we’ll share some more stuff as our plants grow but

[BRIAN PEAVEY] Yeah, don’t work I kind of kept it PG everybody. 

[BRIAN SMALLEY]  I know I was like, is that a calendar shoot or something like that? Oh, I missed that one.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] I love it. Okay, so, so we’ve, you know, all the plants are on the ground, we’re kind of moving on to the next phase. So kind of what did the farm look like in this part of the season, as our plants are growing? Like how do we ensure that they, once the genetics are good that you control as much of the conditions as possible to create the best case scenario.

[BRIAN SMALLEY] Right now it’s water and feeding looking for nutrient deficiencies instead of just throwing a bunch of food at a plant and going Oh god, it’s a 20/20/20 I’m going to give it a lot of that it’s fantastic. And we pre amended our soil with most things that the plant needs at this stage. And so now we watch we look for deficiencies starting to begin before we feed again, because if you just go feed, feed, feed like you would with a high THC product in order to get a high THC product it will actually cause your hemp THC to spike. So in the hemp industry is less is more, we need to get a quality product out of the field with doing as little as possible because of the acreage, you know the mass quantities that we’re growing, we can’t give each plant a name and treat each one differently. We have quadrants of the field where we will feed differently at different times. But other than that, it’s sort of like survive or get out.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] I was gonna ask Sanford a question and he just ran away.

[BRIAN SMALLEY] Oh, it did he run. No, does he run.

I can only see you on my screen. So I’d like to see the Sanford running screen please.

[RYAN SANFORD] Oh, remember how I just latched on to that bar the other day Smalley, jumped up six feet.

[BRIAN SMALLEY] Like a spider monkey. Yeah.

[RYAN SANFORD]  Six inches or…

[BRIAN SMALLEY] So Ryan Sanford’s taking CBD every day and he’s lost like 35 pounds in two months.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN]  Not necessarily just from CBD.

[BRIAN SMALLEY] I didn’t say it was from CBD. 

[RYAN SANFORD] You don’t eat anything else. And you work for Smalley. And too much. Yeah.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Well, so Sanford, I have a question for you. So I know, you know, in the earlier, you know, months you were spending hours watering in the greenhouse and taking care of plants in the greenhouse. So what does a typical day look like for you, now that you’ve got the green house and the plants in the field?

[RYAN SANFORD] Well, so I mean, things are always changing around here. You know, it’s gone from working on seed runs to transplanting, you know, doing our seedlings and we transplant we expand into our other greenhouses. So the more plants you have, yeah, it takes on an immense amount of watering, I was controlling one greenhouse. I don’t know maybe it was 10,000 plans, and then as we expanded into our other greenhouses that upped to a lot more, so um, we’ve got a couple waterings going but right now we’ve got most of our greenhouses cleared out, plants in the ground, other than the greenhouse is smaller than the woman behind me. We’ve got some of these guys left. So we’ll move those over into here and like he said, start doing some pheno hunting, looking for different things to pop out and then we’ll start taking clones and work on seed runs. 

And as far as the field goes, and it’s pretty much just like you said, you know, we’ll have a watering cycle, get up in the morning and go walk your field look for any kind of abnormalities, anything that’s happening out there like Smalley spoke about and you do it at the end of the day too. So other than that water on the field, feed when when it’s needed and back into the greenhouses on to the next. Whichever we’re doing seed run, pheno hunting, cloning, it changes, but it’s fun. Cool.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Well, let’s completely switch gears and get to some product stuff. We’ve also had quite a few questions lately about and this has come up a lot in our q&as about pets and how to know full spectrum, broad spectrum which is the best to use for your cats and dogs. Well, I mean all pets but our formulations are for cats and dogs. I don’t know if Atagi or Smalley Which one of you wants to take this one

[BRIAN SMALLEY]  Atagi can take it if you’d like it’s up to him

[RYAN ATAGI] So the THC broad spectrum I’ll have Smalley talk about that. But yeah, I have some information just about regular full spectrum with pets but there’s been some research done with with animals and bone issues with dogs and how the full spectrum hemp oil is helping them quite a bit with that. 

And so it was done by I can’t remember the college that did the actual study on it. So there’s there’s actual studies coming out showing the benefits of giving animals with I can remember what it’s called ortho arthritis, arthritis. Yeah, it’s basic arthritis, but it’s something the animals quite a bit you know, so if you have an older animal, we recommend doing the full spectrum. tinctures with those, that’s going to help him quite a bit.

[BRIAN SMALLEY]  So I’ll keep going I’ll keep going. So with animals every every mammal on the planet as an endocannabinoid system, and so they can benefit they have receptors to uptake, these cannabinoids, CB1 and a CB2 receptor with all animals I generally start with the THC version unless I see a negative side effect like there are too docile other too dormant. or you can treat a cat or a dog like a human and I’ve got my THC version for nighttime and I have my CBD version you know or non daytime with my just CBD primarily and some secondaries so that they’re alert and awake and everything like that. 

But then again, if you have a pet with separation anxiety, or you have like the Fourth of July fireworks or you know they’re they don’t like the car all that much or they really like the car all that much and you don’t like how active they are in the car all that much. The full spectrum for that is perfect because it just mellows them out and makes them feel comfortable. They’re not high. They’re not laying there. Oh gosh I’m so high. They’re just at ease and comfortable, you’re gonna bark less at things are not gonna chew up your couch. I mean there is a ton of benefits. I’m kind of the same way. I get a little like wound up not to take my full spectrum. I’ll start chewing on the couch. So I will vouch for it. It works Bacon’s pretty delicious. The peanut butter’s pretty delicious. 

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN]  Oh, well now, people don’t know about the peanut butter yet.

[BRIAN SMALLEY] Oh shoot! No?

[RYAN ATAGI] Don’t tell people about the peanut butter yet.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] I mean go ahead. No, go ahead. That was one of the…

[BRIAN SMALLEY] I’m going to have to transition that over to Atagi, he loves his peanut butter.

[BRIAN PEAVEY] Did Smalley get the notes? 

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] He gets the notes, he even responded this time.

[BRIAN SMALLEY] Atagi has been doing a lot of research with peanut butter and pets. So I’m gonna let him take it away from here.

[RYAN ATAGI] So yeah, pets really like peanut butter. So I decided to put it in a tincture and it works even better. So it’s great. So we’re just trying to figure out different flavors for the animals and and we’re eventually going to come out with something for cats. But the idea of putting tuna in my lab is kind of disgusting. So we don’t want to have tuna extract I don’t think yet but we’re going to do a peanut butter full spectrum tincture for the animals is going to have the same milligrams as our regular full spectrum for that. So we’re just trying to broaden our pet line a little bit and I think peanut butters can be a good one.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Yeah, so if you’re an insider, then you learned about the peanut butter a day ago and so it’s it is live on the website so you can order the full spectrum peanut butter now

[BRIAN SMALLEY] See, I didn’t I didn’t take anything like the cat out of the bags its live on the website. You didn’t just press a button right now, right? 

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN]  No, I did. I literally just turned it on. I mean, I turned on like right when we started Okay, Michelle has a question about younger dogs that are actively working. She’s concerned about her joints. So which would you recommend for joint maintenance and now she’s hungry for peanut butter. 

[BRIAN SMALLEY] I mean, full spectrum is awesome. This CBD is an anti inflammatory for joints is what’s super beneficial. But the THC like if it’s a dog who works super hard, like and this is like a weird like pharma sort of reference but like if you’re super hurt and really bad you take an aspirin and it’s gonna work but if you’re super hurt and then you take a Vicodin and a hot tub the the opiate side which THC is not an opiate in any way shape or form, but the THC acts as the opiate which takes the edge off so that CBD can do the work on the inflammation so that the next day you’re fully recovered when you go back to work. I mean that was a weird reference but it’s similar it’s the THC is partially mental taking the pain away and then the CBD and other minors and terpenes are actually doing the job of you know an anti inflammatory and keeping those joints lubricated.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Cool. And if anybody has other non tuna flavored cat ideas, please send them to us because we are actively researching non tuna out here. 


[BRIAN SMALLEY] Honestly, I have one right now that I mix. It’s a one to one carrier high grade catnip that I grew. I sent organic and CBD flower. And I call it the cat’s mewow. And my, my cats like it. Like they love that. Like they can’t get enough.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] I think that is literally all the questions that got submitted to us earlier. So if people

[BRIAN SMALLEY] That’s it!

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] So if people have other questions, please pop them in the chat because it always takes like, you know, like Michelle, thanks for getting going. I bet Leah probably has a question she wants to ask. But once we get going, then you guys stop being so shy and you ask all your questions. So, um, while you guys think about what you want to ask us if you have anything Atagi do you want to announce the second product that we just launched today?

[RYAN ATAGI] Yeah, so we did the lemon, ginger, broad spectrum we did also so that was a idea Brian Smalley so we’re gonna do lemongrass and ginger for the flavoring came out really nice has a really nice lemon ginger flavor. And that’s for the broad spectrum 1,650s. So that’s going to be really nice.

[BRIAN SMALLEY] You know what’s cool about that? You can take that and you can actually cook with it as well. Really, really, really delicious. You can mix a cocktail with that really, really, really delicious. I mean, there’s a bunch of different ways I put it in some iced tea today. Phenomenal, probably the best iced tea I’ve ever had. And yeah, Ginger is great for nausea. 100% Michelle, Michelle is on point she knows what’s up.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Do you like do you select the pina colada better?

[BRIAN SMALLEY] Um, I don’t know. Don’t get me all looking foofy in front of the people. But that was pretty delicious. 

[BRIAN PEAVEY] I mean, it depends on the drink count. 

[BRIAN SMALLEY] Yeah, the pina colada one is good. I mean, it’s gonna be a regular for sure it was a seasonal one. And I’m gonna have a I’m gonna make it for me anyway, so it’s gonna be regular. So I hope everybody else tries because it’s good. I mean, honestly, like, you have to watch out because it tastes really good. And then you want to take another one and another one. Yeah, it goes bad after about half a bottle. Not the bottle goes bad, I go bad.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN]  So Michelle, are you asking if you would, you’re suggesting he mix a pina colada and lemongrass ginger together.

That would be interesting.

[BRIAN SMALLEY] I think she’s talking about topicals.

[RYAN ATAGI] Tincture cocktail! It’d be great.

[BRIAN SMALLEY]  And what’s cool about all these things. yours too, is because it’s all food grade and it’s great for you. You can use our tinctures as a topical as well. So if you want and you can use it as a massage oil. You can use it as anything you want. I mean a food grade item, you can put it wherever you’d like. And you have no, settle down Atagi. Um, yeah, you can put it wherever you like, and generally, no issues whatsoever. So rubba dub dub.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] I know, a day in the life? 

[BRIAN SMALLEY] Huh? What do you mean? You know, I mean, it’s true.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] She says, you know, she’s done that.

[BRIAN SMALLEY] Oh, all right. There you go. Maybe we probably get a testimonial or something up on the site. Sami’s like, “come on.”

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] All good. Well, so yeah. So all of those are available on the website now. So you can definitely take a look at those. And I don’t I mean, those are all the questions that have been coming up for us since the last couple of sessions. So I mean, I don’t know if there’s anything else you want to share about what’s going on. This could be our shortest q&a ever. It’s a quiet bunch tonight.

[BRIAN SMALLEY] What about the What about the….

[RYAN ATAGI]  Oh, maybe not yet. 

[BRIAN PEAVEY] Yeah. We’re not here. 

[RYAN ATAGI] It’s looking pretty though. looking real nice get some it’s got the lipstick for it and everything else so it looks real pretty

[BRIAN SMALLEY] Wait a second. Now that you’re talking about lipstick I’m getting a little weird

[RYAN ATAGI] Topicals and lipsticks move on. 

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Did you say peanut butter lipstick?

[RYAN ATAGI] Sanford’s hungry. Have you had dinner yet? Sanford?

[BRIAN SMALLEY] That’s how he gets his dog to kiss him.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Oh my goodness, see this is why you all need to ask us questions because this is what happens when we’re left to our own devices. Okay.

Well, I mean, if anybody has questions, speak now or forever hold your peace. We’ll be back doing another one of these. Oh, somebody just joined us. We’ll be back doing these again in a few weeks.

Peavey Is there anything you want to add? For the good of the cause?



[BRIAN PEAVEY] Add on be good to cause, um, the good of the cause something brilliant and wonderful. No, I have none of those things we know I don’t have any of those jams. But I do wish you all the best for tonight and we appreciate all your support and love.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] Cool. Well, thanks for joining us. We’ll get the replay out and on Facebook. Oh, Kellen says he’s ready for the after party. 

[BRIAN SMALLEY] Come on over. We’ll light this place on fire in a couple of months.

[SAMI BEDELL-MULHERN] He I believe he is an Oregon. Uh, yeah, if I’m correct in my creepy customer watching. Anyway, thank you guys all for joining us and we’ll see you guys in the next one and hit us up in on Facebook and check out any products.

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