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We often get asked what our favorite products are and what it’s like to work in the CBD industry. Each month we’ll be featuring a member of our team and sharing our favorite product. It all kicks off with our Brian Smalley.

Brian is our CEO. With more than 20 years in the cannabis space, he comes to us with propietary genetics and make our products stand out.

Have other questions you’d like our team to answer! Share them with us and we’ll add them to future interviews.

Brian Smalley
Freedom CBD full spectrum antioxidant face cream pump bottle

What’s your favorite Freedom CBD product and why?

My current favorite Freedom product is our Full Spectrum Antioxidant Face Cream. I personally have very sensitive skin and there has only been lotion on the market that has ever worked well for me. Now I have another option which is actually so much better! The antioxidant properties are making me younger by the day (at least it feels like it), and rejuvenating my skin after the damage the sun, dirt, and dust do to my face daily.


What do you like about working in the CBD Industry?

We get to grow a plant that has so many uses from food to clothing, medicine to building materials.  The answer to so many medical problems are still trapped inside this amazing plant and it’s up to us to find them and release these benefits for the masses. Hearing the stories of how people’s lives have improved after using our product makes all the hard work worth it.

Plus, after 20 plus years in the cannabis industry, I no longer have to worry about helicopters or that random knock at the door 😜 lol. I love that there are fewer regulations and rules compared to the OLCC recreational cannabis program. While I believe the cannabis plant provides tremendous value, by growing and making products from hemp, I’m able to get the benefits of CBD and lower THC to more people, and that’s really important.

What is the best part of working at Freedom CBD?

The best part of working at Freedom CBD has got to be the ability to help so many more people than I was able to do on my own. I now have help to grow the genetics I’ve been working on for the last 10 plus years.  While my Green Oil Machine is so great, having our large extractors adds to the efficiency and allows us to make so much more oil. The massive workload is now shared with others who have developed a similar passion for the plant and the desire to help others.

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There are many new products in the works, which ones are you most excited about?

There are so many fantastic new products coming in the next few months. I have to say that our new adult intimate lubrication has been pretty fun to develop. We’ve been sending out lots of samples for feedback and this has allowed us to tailor the intimate blend to work well for just about everyone. Some want hot, some want cooling, some want a blend of both. With the feedback we’ve gotten we’ll have you covered. 😄 It’s great to take something that is very medicinal and add it to a product that can also produce increased pleasure in a time of daily turmoil and chaos.

Feedback from our customers is so important to us. We are creating products that we get asked for by YOU our customers. Make sure you let us know what you’d like to see. It absolutely gets taken into consideration by our product team.

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