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One of the best parts of our team is that we don’t just work here, we are avid customers of our products. When we’re sharing with you what we like it’s not just company speak – it’s coming from our own individual experiences as well.

Today we’re featuring Sami Bedell-Mulhern, our Marketing Director. She manages our affiliate program, Eagle Compassion Program, website and so much more.

Sami Bedell-Mulhern
Freedom CBD full spectrum CBD muscle rub

What’s your favorite Freedom CBD product and why?

I can’t live without our  Full Spectrum Muscle Rub. It literally goes everywhere with us. I use it on my neck and back on days when I’m at my desk working all day. Just a little bit and my neck and shoulders relax right away. My husband uses it on his lower back before bed. That’s where his pain is when he’s at his desk all day. We even use it on our kids when they have sore muscles from playing hard outside.

If I had to pick a second one, I love our Calm Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Roll-On Relief. My 11 year old daughter keeps it by her desk when she’s doing online learning. When she starts to get a bit overwhelmed she rubs it on her wrists and temples. I love to use it too to help when things get overwhelming.

What do you like about working in the CBD Industry?

Things are always changing in the industry. I love that there are always new things to learn and new ways to market. It’s a challenge at times because CBD isn’t regulated but that’s part of the fun.

It’s also great working in an industry where you know you’re making a product that is helping people.

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What is the best part of working at Freedom CBD?

This company has an amazing philosophy of transparency and education. In an industry where not all companies think that way, I feel blessed to be part of one that does. It makes my job much more fun when I get to create content and interact with customers from that standpoint.

My other favorite part is getting to be involved in product development and packaging. As a company, we listen to our customers’ feedback as we choose what products to bring to market. It’s fun being involved with both sides.

There are many new products in the works, which ones are you most excited about?

Chews are on the horizon! I’m excited about these because it will be a yummy way to get your CBD and because the chews take longer to eat you still get the CBD sublingually. I’m also excited about being able to use them with my kiddos.

Other than that, we have some more topicals in the works that are really exciting!

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