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The beauty of CBD products is that they are as diverse as we are as humans. That’s why we love sharing our teams’ favorite products. We hope that by sharing how CBD is a part of our daily lives it will give you the inspiration to add different CBD products to your life.

Today we’re featuring Tyson Mairs from our lab team. He helps get your orders out the door and makes the product that you enjoy every day. He is also an integral part of developing new products. Finally, he helps to lead and train our incredible lab staff.

Tyson Mairs
cinnamon flavored full spectrum cbd tincture bottle

What’s your favorite Freedom CBD product and why?

My favorite product is our Cinnamon flavored Full Spectrum tincture. The cinnamon is such a great flavor so taking it straight under my tongue is yummy. I also love adding it to my coffee, especially in the fall. 

However, our Full Spectrum Muscle Rub is a close second. It has worked wonders for my back. Working in the lab has me on my feet all day. All I have to do is put it on my back once a day and it lasts. The smell is also great!

What do you like about working in the CBD Industry?

Working in the CBD industry means dealing with constant change and evolution. I love learning every day and learning about the new research that’s coming out daily. There are always new benefits to CBD and cannabinoids being identified. It’s exciting to be a part of it all and see where things go next.

What is the best part of working at Freedom CBD?

We have a great team here at Freedom CBD and I look forward to working with them every day. Outside of that, product development is super fun. Getting feedback from our amazing customers and being able to create what I know they’re looking for is super satisfying. It’s also great that our company prides itself on top quality, organic ingredients. Sourcing them and seeing the final product is absolutely amazing.

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There are many new products in the works, which ones are you most excited about?

We have a lot of products in the works! It’s hard to pick and choose the best one. But I’m most excited about the Honey Lavender CBD healing balm. It smells amazing and feels great on the skin. It’s super helpful for burns and wound healing.

The products we develop come from direct feedback from you, our customers. So please don’t be shy and share what you’d love to see next.


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