What is CBG?


You’ve heard of the two primary cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, CBD and THC but did you know that there are more than 100 known cannabinoids in the cannabis plant? There are even more that have yet to be discovered we at Freedom CBD are at the forefront of product development to satisfy your needs.

There is still a lot to learn about all the minor cannabinoids and how they interact with each other and your body. CBG is one of the minor cannabinoids gaining popularity and being researched. Similar to CBD it does not have psychoactive effects.


How do you get CBG from cannabis?

CBG (cannabigerol) is found in the cannabis plant. Because the levels of CBG that generally occur are so low, many companies, including Freedom Hemp Co, are cross-breeding strains to naturally increase the amount of CBG found in the plant.

Paying attention to the optimal harvesting time is also helpful in CBG concentration. Typically about six weeks into an eight-week flowering cycle is ideal for most genetics.


What does CBG do?

CBG, like CBD, THC and other cannabinoids, affects your endocannabinoid system (ECS). There are lots of promising ways that CBG seems to be supporting your ECS. Like CBD, it activates your CB1 Receptors. It can also help counteract the psychoactive effects or the “high” from consuming cannabis with higher levels of THC.

Most of the research done has been on rats and mice, however, many humans that have been taking CBG are personally seeing similar effects. The research is promising and shows that CBG can be beneficial for:


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Why does Freedom CBD make 1:1 CBG + CBD Products instead of just CBG?

When you have multiple cannabinoids working together it creates what is called the entourage effect. The entourage effect helps to create a different physical or psychological impact than if you had a product with a single compound, such as an isolate. The entourage effect isn’t just with CBG and CBD, it occurs when combining multiple cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and/or other parts of the hemp flower. It creates more synergy in your body. It also helps to create homeostasis.

What CBG Products does Freedom CBD Offer?

Currently, we offer a 1:1 CBG + CBD Full Spectrum product in a tincture and concentrated exact dose syringe. 

Freedom CBD CBG+CBD 1:1 full spectrum distillate extra terpenes exact dose syringes
Freedom CBD CBG+CBD 1:1 full spectrum tincture bottle


CBG is one of the cannabinoids that’s making a lot of noise in the market right now. As we learn more about the various cannabinoids it makes it much easier to find the product that best suits your specific health journey.

Research is emerging with regard to how each individual cannabinoid can be effective for various health conditions. The more we learn, the more we can craft specific products for you.

At Freedom CBD, we are very excited about the future and the individualized support we’ll be able to provide our customers.

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